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Never Underestimate Customer Service & Support When Gambling Online


When selecting their next online casino or sports betting website, gamblers consider various factors. Generally, they look at how lucrative the promotions are, how many games they can play, what kind of loyalty rewards they can expect and what banking options are at their disposal. While these factors are certainly important, there is one aspect that is often overlooked by players that are infatuated with bonuses, this factor is – customer service.

Today, we wish to shed some light on why reliable customer service is crucial and how the lack of quality support can adversely affect your overall gaming experience. If you don’t want to end your choice of online casino, we urge you to read this article before you sign up and invest money at a casino.

We take a look at why you should, as far as possible, only sign up and gamble at iGaming platforms that have responsive, professional and timely customer support options so you can get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Without further ado, here are the top four reasons why customer support matters when it comes to online gambling.

Get Help with Transactions (Especially Withdrawals)

The difficulty in cashing out money is one of the most prevalent issues at online casinos. It is not, however, a case of casino fraud. Typically, there are issues with certain payment methods or there are some specific subtleties involved when it comes to withdrawing bonus funds. In such instances, players may only seek aid from the casino’s support center.

Knowledgeable support personnel can advise on which payment options works best based on where you are located, what the expected withdrawal times frames are and what currencies are best suited for your purpose.

Withdrawing bonus funds can be especially tricky since there are wagering requirements involved and inexperienced punters don’t have a solid comprehension of how to calculate and fulfill wagering requirements. In such a case, being able to get help from support agents is pivotal in you being able to withdraw the bonus before it expires.

Likewise, players often need help when it comes to completing the KYC procedure as well – here too, customer support can walk you through the process and expedite it so you get your money on time. It is not uncommon for players to lose access to their casino accounts after having forgotten the password (and no longer having access to their recovery email address), customer support agents can either help you recover access to your account or at least help get your lost funds back.

Get Information About Bonus Offers

Even if you’re one of those players who think the chances of needing customer support are minimal to none, you should never underestimate its importance. This is particularly true if you’ve just signed up to a casino and want to take advantage of new bonuses on offer. Unless you like the prospect of waiting around for days on end to get a minor issue sorted, ensuring an online casino offers a reliable customer-oriented service is essential. Needless to say, the more support channels available, the better the chances of your problem being dealt with in a timely manner.

Casino bonuses are not as straight forward as they are made to seem in the marketing material. Claiming bonuses requires that you meet all of the eligibility criteria and that’s just half the story. In order to successfully profit and cash out bonus funds and bonus winnings involves an understanding of play-through requirements, cash out limitations and more. Customer support agents can explain these requirements to you in layman terms and help you make the most out of any given bonus offer.

Get Help when you Experience Technical Difficulties

When real money is at stake, there is always a risk of loss. This is a given with gambling of any kind, there is always the very real and raw possibility of losing your money and most players understand this. However, there have been cases where players have lost money while playing a game not because of their own moves, but because of a technical snag with the website or the game.

It is not uncommon for game sessions to freeze up and only resume a round or two later and the players balance has dropped during the interim. This could happen because the server was overloaded or because there was an issue with the network/connectivity.

If and when this happens, the only way for you to report it and file a claim for your money is by reaching out to customer support. Obviously, you want to be able to reach support easily and directly.

Great Customer Support = High Quality Casino

Usually, when an online casino offers 24/7 customer support through multiple communication channels such as live chat, email and telephone, it generally means that the casino has got its act together in all other areas as well. Basically, this is highly indicative of a high-quality online casino that is confident in its products and services and wants their players to have a great time when gaming.

There are some casinos where reaching customer support is a mission by itself – you’re either holding the line eternally or having conversations with bots that are going in circles. Usually, this is a red flag and it is typical of a casino that is rife with various other problems and snags.