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New Spider-Man GamePlay Trailer Include Marvel’s Character House


The new Spider-man trailer amazingly set fire among the gaming industry. Everyone is waiting for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-man game which will release in a month around the world. The game is coming in a Gold and exclusive version with much more new and exciting things that we don’t even know. When the Insomniac launched the trailer, the real Marvel fans located the Marvel series characters house. The house belonged to the superheroes of Marvel.

Marvel’s Character House In Spider-Man Belongs To Doctor Strange And Avengers

A recent screenshot of this trailer has amazingly spread on the internet where Spiderman is swinging above the Sanctum Sanctorum. If you are a real Marvel fan, you will know that this house presently belongs to none another than Doctor Strange. Before Doctor Strange, it was the headquarters of the Defenders and Avengers. The house itself is a place containing many features and mystical energies. In marvel movie or gaming series, this place acts as a nervous system or a focal point containing many superpowers. In the screenshot, you can observe the red window on the top, which is the Marvel’s character house.

Previously the developers of the game showed the map of their new release where you can easily spot out the Avengers tower. This game is an upgrade version with all these places from the Marvel series. Well, this is not the end. Spiderman came up with the suit in this new trailer Peter Parker was wearing in Avengers Infinity War. You can see the Iron suit made by Ironman for Peter Parker in the Spiderman trailer where he is swinging above the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. So, many new upgrades and features will match the Marvel Avenger Universe other than only the Marvel’s character house.

The players around the world are getting more curious that what more secrets the game is holding. Well, there is some indication of the Doctor strange house and Avengers tower but the secret will open after the release of the game. We also think that there might be some chances of Avengers featuring in this game but this all is a secret from the game developers. The game holds many mysteries which is teasing every gaming fan. We are also curious to find out what the game is hiding.

Well, the Spiderman is releasing on September 7, 2018, for PlayStation 4. The game is also available for pre-booking of the deluxe version to get your hands on it first after the release.

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