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Call Of Duty

New Update Implemented in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Content System 2021


Here is The New Content for the New Game!

The game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has just been updated with all new features and body suits that the player can adorn but only subject to some conditions. The conditions are:

  • The player has to complete a contract first.
  • 15 matches are supposed to be won
  • 300 CP is what you need to buy a new outfit.

The number of outfit among which the player can choose is 9. These outfits are dedicated to each specialist. One has to become that character in order to earn the dress. There has been a significant amount of changes in the game from its previous version of Black Ops 3. The other items that the player is capable of picking up are also dependent upon the lockable contract of the game. Only when a player unlocks the deal can he/she be allowed to get that benefit. The game also allows the players to earn points from time to time. These points can be well used to buy items, emotes, skin etc. from the game’s portal.

The History

The previous versions of the game have not been a fairy tale. It has been seen that the loot boxes urged the players to go hunt for the special heroes to pay exorbitant prices for the same. This has led to the infamous image of the game. The game which was released by the company naming star wars battlefront 2 also made the players feel miserable.

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With the coming of the new content system for the Black Ops 3 and the excitement seen in the company or the optimistic attitude of making it a success, it is still a decision to be made by the audience. Whether it will be a hit or a loss to the company remains a question unanswered!

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