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Warframe Nikana Prime Build Guide 2021


Nikana Prime Builds

The Nikana Prime Build, a scuffle weapon, is blade that takes after a katana utilizing the Nikana positions. It is a quick and lethal skirmish weapon fit for cutting foes into pieces. It predominantly bargains cut harm to adversaries.

You can in any case purchase sets or parts from players ingame, yet cultivating it on your own is preposterous right now. In any case, there is a high likelihood that Digital Extreme will at one point unvault the prepared adaptation of Nikana Prime Build  for a short measure of time, so keep your eyes open!

In the event that you were adequately fortunate to get yourself a Nikana Prime you should attempt to utilize the weapon, since it has the most elevated base harm of every one of the one-gave scuffle weapons, making it probably the best blade in the game.

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The Best Nikana Prime Builds

Nikana Prime Builds

A decent measure of base basic possibility and base status chance implies that you need to utilize mods that help those details.

As in pretty much every skirmish construct you ought to consistently utilize Primed Pressure Point (or the typical variant) with the Nikana Prime Build and join it with Primed Fury (in the event that you don’t have it yet, picking the ordinary Fury mod is great too!).

Concerning the favored position: Going with either Blind Justice or Tranquil Cleave is fine and relies upon your own play style and inclinations. So check both out and pick the position you like the most!

Nikana Prime Combo Multiplier Build

This form utilizes a blend of Weeping Wounds and Relentless Combination to expand your combo multiplier, while Drifting Contact causes you keep those stacks.

At that point you use Blood Rush and a quick assault speed to bargain a ton of harm. Since this form is fairly dependent on you finding a ton of adversaries to keep up those combo multiplier stacks you for the most part would prefer not to utilize it in mission types with short adjusts, low adversary thickness or long stops – for example protection, commandeer or salvage.

It can anyway truly sparkle in high thickness conditions like endurance, ESO and the wide range of various perpetual mission types. Remember that it will require some investment to develop your skirmish stacks and that you should pick a Warframe that can endure getting into individuals’ faces, given that the Nikana Prime Build has a very short sweep.

Nikana Prime Status Chance Build

This form utilizes Buzz Kill and two status mods (you ought to consistently pick those relying upon the adversaries you will experience!) to rapidly bargain a decent measure of harm, while Drifting Contact and Blood Rush will give you a late game limit.

So on the off chance that you plan on doing more elevated level substance or simply longer runs those two mods will ensure that your harm doesn’t tumble off.

This form is truly incredible for ahead of schedule and mid game substance. Yet Nikana Prime Build while it is practical in late game missions you for the most part rather have. The combo multiplier work for those circumstances.

So pick this form in the event that you plan on battling. Foes up to level 50 (or in the event that you need to take a stab at something. Other than what’s expected to your typical form). Yet change to another variation in the event that you are going into undeniable level substance.

How to Nikana Prime

Nikana Prime Builds

The Nikana Prime Build is the Prime variation of the Nikana, an old Tenno blade dependent on the katana.

The Nikana Prime has the accompanying details:

  • Assault Speed: Has an assault activity of 1.06 (0.917 for Nikana)
  • Basic Chance: Has a 20% possibility of managing a basic hit. (10% for Nikana)
  • Basic Multiplier: Critical assaults bargain 2x harm.
  • Harm Block: 60% of harm is obstructed from adversary scuffle assaults.
  • Jump Attack: Deals 95 harm (45 for Nikana)
  • Turn Attack: Deals 204 harm (96 for Nikana)
  • Status: Has a 20% opportunity to proc status impacts (10 for Nikana)
  • Divider Attack: Deal 204 harm (96 for Nikana)
  • Harm Type: Deals 4.8 Impact, 4.8 Puncture and 85.5 Slash harm. (2.3 Impact, 4.5 Puncture and 38.3 Slash harm for Nikana)

The Nikana Prime Build doesn’t need a Mastery Rank of before it very well might be utilized by players. It very well may be constructed utilizing its outlines and Prime parts.

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