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Overwatch World Cup – Why There Are No International Rivalries


Overwatch World Cup - Why There Are No International Rivalries

In this world, many nations have nursed rivalries against each other. Over the passage of time, these rivalries have also incorporated themselves into the gaming world. During the last two years, the Esports Organizers have decided to cash the traditional rivalries. So, its a big question that why there is no use of international rivalries in the Overwatch world cup. Maybe its all due to the national pride of gamers.

Overwatch World Cup - Why There Are No International Rivalries

Overwatch – League of Legends

There are Rift Rivals in Leagues of Legends. The Rivals is a string of showman tournaments. Rival players and teams play them in order to determine the best player. These competitions in Overwatch may not be over the top but they surely are very popular. The most popular rivalry observed in West in Overwatch World Cup is that of North America versus Europe.

That is not it because North Korea has established herself as the biggest fish in Overwatch. North Korea versus the world has also been a rather exciting rivalry going on in Overwatch.

Overwatch – League Design Of The Game

The design of the Overwatch League is very interesting as 1 team of professionals work together to create new brands. The brands are the inspiration of real-life mega cities. Like New York, London, Shanghai, and others. The Overwatch World Cup plays a major role in proliferating rivalries between different cities and nations.

Overwatch World Cup - Why There Are No International Rivalries

The Overwatch world cup has just recently completed its group stages. Players from all over the world played in the group stages. National teams competed with each other for spots at final from North America to Thailand. The qualifiers would compete at the finals at BlizzCon later this year. Sadly, there is no huge cash prize for the winners like that in Dota 2’s biggest tournament, The International. The winners also do not get the gift of immortalization in the game unlike other champions get in Esports. So you can say that this tournament is purely nation and pride driven. The players battle against each other to keep their prestige intact.

Overwatch World Cup Group Stages

This year, Parish held the group stages of Overwatch World Cup. The arena for the game as expected was full. The Team United Kingdom and Team France fought the battle for the first seed. The result of this match is very decisive. It is because the victor would not be fighting against the reigning champions North Korea. Stay tuned for the further updates about this game.

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