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Pokemon World Championship 2018 – US overcomes Japan

Komal Tahir


Pokemon World Championship 2018 – US overcomes Japan

It’s the Pokémon challenge third year in which all the countries are allowed to participate. This year, a young guy from the US made it to the final of the Pokemon world championship and got face to face with a Japan player. It is the first time that a non-Japanese made it to the finals. This championship is very difficult and requires a lot of struggle. The interesting news is that not only Jacob Waller of US got into the finals but also beat out Japan’s Kota Aragaki in the Pokemon world championship.


Pokemon World Championship 2018 – US overcomes Japan

What Did The Brand Ambassador Of Pokemon World Championship Said

Brendan Hansen said that it was remarkable to see such a great urge and talent for people in gaming. He said that there is undoubtedly a lot of talent in Waller and we respect his passion. His Pokemon skills are speechless and we think that he is going to give a tough time again in the next year tournament. Well, the Pokemon world championship is a place where we play and fight for winning. This place was always won by Japan. This is the first time and we are happy to celebrate the victory of Waller for his skills and passion.

Pokemon World Championship 2018 – US overcomes Japan

Waller Gamertag is ThanksAlot but he switched to Empoleon during the battle for a twist in the game. On the other hand, the Aragaki whose Gamertag is Tarutaro played with it. The prize money was $6000. Jacob Waller got the first prize of $6000 and Aragaki won the second prize money of $4000. The fuss about this match is because of the fact that Aragaki never faced a defeat. He always gave a tough time to his opponents and win the match. It was the first time that someone from the US turned around the game completely.

Well, we can’t say that out Japanese player lost the match easily. During the match, he clawed Tarutaro all the way back to gain his position but he missed the chance of winning the game. But, he is still a legend if we talk about the Pokemon world championship. Jacob Waller did quite well and everyone saw how well he performs and uses his skills to give his opponents a hard time. He always tries to come out on top, even in this game he was near to lose the match. But, the turning events of the match made everyone surprise. Well, let’s see what more we will see in the next year championship.

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