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Price Analysis: Litecoin(LTC), Ripple(XRP), Tron(TRX), Bitcoin Cash(BCH)


price analysis

Litecoin (LTC) : Litecoin or LTC/USD trades are as low as trades of February, 2018, which in numerical value is, $104.44. This foundering fall in the bearish middle-term trend, or triangle pattern.

At present, the prices are stuck at $90.994 on the downside. A breakdown, again, on this downside price might lead to the fall up to $75.131 and this bearish pattern indicates bullish sign, which if carries out perfectly the task of breaking out of the overhead resistance which is at $107.102, then it will be established that digital currency is set to move up.

Ripple(XRP) : Unfortunately, Ripple couldn’t break out of the overhead resistance and if the bulls don’t succeed in scaling $0.56270 in the next few days, the bears will be able to break down to the level of $0.45351, and if successful , the XRP USD pair can just about sink. Ultimately, digital currency would take a long time to recuperate.

Tron (TRX): Tron made an upside break from the level $0.04500 and this indicates that there is going to be an uptrend but in order to gain that bullish impetus, there has to be a retest for prices.

If the Fibonacci retracement tool is used, then it can be shown that it is at a close proximity to dynamic inflection points at the mobile averages. This has revived the long time prevailing deadbeat sentiment. Lastly, there has been a return in risk aversion and tariff threats from US led to a sink in TRON.

Bitcoin Cash(BCH): If prices break below $817.8709, the fall might just get stretched to the next support range which is $777.5304-$736.0137. So, it can be said that the BCH is facing resistance at the downtrend line and the bulls might hit a barricade.

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