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PUBG New Map Sanhok Coming To PC on 22nd June


Bluehole sanhok

When will it be Released?

After much deliberation, developer Bluehole has decided to make SANHOK go live on 22nd June, 2018, with new and progressive features, that will make the feisty challengers even more pumped up.

Special Features:

  • Event Pass reward system: The latest report says it all,

The event pass is designed for players who wanted a superfluous track age progression related system, and at the same time allows you to unlock new content in PUBG in a way that is different from the crate and key system. You’ll be able to get reward regardless of whether you made a purchase. If you haven’t paid for the pass, you can temporarily unlock many of the items and earn one special item permanently.”

  • Weather’s back: Ambivalent weather conditions like fog, rain are back and people are happy to see these weather features mixing the palette of play styles again, although they had begun as being not so popular among the hardcore community audience.
  • New but under construction or unfinished buildings: New buildings’ shapes could get redesigned or transformed before the map launches officially, but the not so surprising mix will still be needed to be memorized (layouts).
  • Easter egg: NO SPOILERS!
  • Increase in item and weapon spawn rates: To ameliorate the looting in the outskirts.
  • Circle spawns in an instant: No more anxiety, no more wait.
  • Blue zone time adjusted
  • Red zone’s frequency has been lowered
  • Duos and squads can now play

This is what the official patch notes contain.

Oh, missed the obvious points.

  • This new map is comparatively smaller than the other two maps, ERANGEL and MIRAMAR.
  • SANYO brings to you players, firefights which will be at a rushed pace and a quiet mid-game to add a bit of contrast.
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