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Rainbow Six Patriots May Happen According to Some new Speculations


There is a chance for Rainbow Six Patriots to come out. With the new update of Ghost Recon Wildlands came a lot of new stuff. But there was something in this update that caught everyone’s attention very quickly. One of the characters, during a mission conversation, brought up the name of the Ubisoft’s abandoned project Rainbow Six Patriots.

As we already know that this is a crossover mission update which features a small interagency cooperation. Moreover, we have also seen in Ghost Recon Wildlands that players have small conversations in the vehicles from time to time. Now they had the conversation in this mission too. However, while talking, they give a reference of Rainbow Six Patriots as a mission that didn’t go well.

The game was announced back in 2011. The developers canceled the game due to some reasons. Later on, they replaced it with Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft stated that it really wanted to focus on full-on multiplayer action. The developers also stated that it would help them to sustain it for a longer time.

All this information makes it more interesting that after all these years Ubisoft has still given a reference to the game. Although we got a lot of information from this conversation that what happened to the Rainbow Six Patriots but all of a sudden, the female character in the game snubs everyone. She says it very strangely about the mission that patriot was a very classified mission.

This reference leaves the fan thinking that why is the Ubisoft mentioning the game now? Is it some form of teasing? Also, it may be just nothing but a reference to make things a little bit more interesting. But we can’t say anything surely at this point.

But if it was a tease, fans will very much like to see this game happening now. Not only it will be fun to play but it will have the latest gaming technology also.

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