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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Filtered Map, Rumors and Characters Presence


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Filtered Map, Rumors and Characters Presence

Red Dead Redemption 2 online is an epic of jeans or western only in its wrapping, because as in any game of Rockstar, inside tells a beautiful and sad story about people who try to change and cannot always. On this occasion the video game red dead redemption 2 online is played by a bandit, the aforementioned Morgan, who is the right hand of Dutch Van der Linde, the leader of the band of robbers of the same name, who make their way through a vast and abrupt American territory stealing and struggling to survive.

The footsteps of Grand Theft Auto 5, the title attaches great importance to robberies of banks, armored cars, and trains, with the typical phases of planning, execution, and flight that became so popular in the adventure of Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to be a prequel, not a sequel first, the Blackwater area coincides with the first Red Dead Redemption, but nevertheless, the train track has disappeared on the new map, while it does appear on other zones. That suggests that the action takes place years before when the railroad was still expanding westward. Secondly, and continuing with this deduction, it is located further east, which historically makes sense given that the Wild West frontier would be less advanced at that time.

Some characters from Red Dead Redemption may return – this is pure speculation at the moment, but because the game, in principle, is placed before what happened in Red Dead Redemption, some suspect that one of those cowboys that appear end of the trailer is Bill Williamson. Similarly, the group at the end of the trailer could represent the entire gang of old gangsters John Marston, with Dutch van der Linde, Williamson, Javier School and the appearance of the legendary Landon Ricketts.

Rockstar has already included references to former protagonists in various points of his Grand Theft Auto saga, so we can expect, at least, a cameo or a nod to John Marston himself, if not that it has a greater role. It seems likely that the game happens in a recreation of New Orleans there is a new area of the map that is described as New Bordeaux, and is situated in a position quite similar to the New Orleans of the real world 2K, the publisher of red dead redemption 2 online, has already published a game that takes place in the fictional recreation of New Orleans, Mafia 3, so it seems quite likely.

There are many places to see towns, settlements, camps, dams, gangs hiding places, points of interest, haciendas, places to steal, ranches, caves and even a prison appear on the map. The areas of Tall Trees and Great Plains also seem to return according to this filtration. All that coincides with the kind of varied environments that we saw in the trailer, including a scene in the style.

The Grizzlies could be the introductory zone in red dead redemption 2 online, the map seems to mark The Grizzlies, to the north, as an introductory zone for the start of the game.

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