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Report: Sony Is Working On 25 New PS5 Games


If you’ve got a PlayStation 5 console at the moment, you’re one of life’s winners. There are millions of people all over the world who’d still very much like to lay their hands on one, and thus far, they haven’t been able to do so. According to some reports, that problem might continue until the early months of 2022. PS5 units regularly come back into stock in places like Amazon and Walmart, but they’re sold out again the moment they land. If you’re one of our PS5-owning readers, pat yourself on the back.

Now you’ve done that, it’s time to acknowledge the biggest problem that comes with owning a PS5. You might own the most impressive video gaming console the world has ever seen, but you probably aren’t spending a lot of time playing PS5 games. That’s because, truth be told, there aren’t many of them. The lack of PS5-specific games available to date is a bone of contention among PS5 owners online, some of whom have taken to writing letters of unhappiness to their local newspapers about the situation. If you’ve found the range of games released for the console thus far to be a little uninspired, you’re not alone. Help is at hand, though. If the reports we’ve seen in the media this week are accurate, the game drought isn’t going to continue for much longer.

Sony is well aware of all the problems it faces, including the shortage of consoles and great games to play on them. That’s why it’s invested more money than ever before in making games – and we’ll soon see the fruits of their labour. According to multiple sources, Sony is currently working on no fewer than twenty-five new PS5 games, including several that we haven’t heard of before. Not all of them are going to be sequels or additions to pre-existing gaming franchises, either. At least half of the new games are thought to be original titles made specifically for the new hardware. In other words, the golden age of PS5 gaming is about to commence.

While solid information is hard to come by at the moment, there’s also thought to be another spate of games coming to PS Now, which is the Sony equivalent of an online slots website and similar in execution to Google Stadia. PS Now subscribers can stream games through the internet rather than centrally owned – the exact method used to put gamblers in touch with the online slots of their choice. Just as the existence of “real world” casino premises is threatened by the existence of Rose Slots New Zealand, the existing model of customers owning consoles and paying a per-game price to play games on it may eventually be threatened by the existence of platforms like PS Now. The lines between online slots and traditional video games are already being blurred by official online slots versions of games like “Resident Evil” and “Call of Duty,” and that process looks like continuing into the future. That’s a debate to be had in years to come, though. Right now, Sony is feeding the change by releasing more PS Now titles while simultaneously giving PS5 owners more content to play with.

More important than anything we’ve discussed above, though, is the question of what these new games are likely to be. We know a few of the titles already. “Horizon Forbidden West” is scheduled for release later on in 2021, as is the long-awaited “Ragnarok” instalment of the “Gods of War” franchise. The seventh version of the driving game “Gran Turismo” is also still on the agenda, although the anticipated release date of that game has slipped back from late 2021 into early 2022. “Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart” should be released ahead of that. As fantastic as these games will hopefully be, though, this isn’t what’s got PS5 users excited. These are all extensions of existing franchises and so can’t be counted as truly original content. It’s new ideas that gamers are crying out for, so it’s the unknown titles in this collection of twenty-five games that people are particularly interested in seeing.

The four games we’ve mentioned are the only four “definite” titles we know of at this stage. That means that all twenty-one of the other games in development could be originals. We doubt that’s the case. We suspect there will be other sequels in the works that we’re not familiar with yet, perhaps including “Street Fighter 6” and maybe even “Grand Theft Auto 6,” although Rockstar appears to be happy to continue extending the life of “Grand Theft Auto 5” into infinity. The news that Sony is “developing” these 25 games doesn’t mean that Sony as a company is directly involved in their production. In a lot of cases, it just means they’re the first party involved in bringing the game to consumers. The reality is that these games could come from anywhere. That means “Kena: Bridge of Spirits” is likely to be one of the games on the list, although that’s yet to be specifically confirmed.

If there are multiple new ideas coming to the console, we’d like to see some originality of genres as well as originality of titles. We love first-person shooters and survival-horror games as much as the next person, but the markets for both genres are more than saturated at the moment. We’ve enjoyed both “Returnal” and “Resident Evil: Village,” but we’d be happy if we didn’t play anything like either of them again for a while. We’d be excited to see a new fighting game – perhaps even the boxing game that fans have been waiting for since the end of the “Fight Night” series a decade ago. A new platform game character would interest us. Maybe someone might even think totally outside the box and give us a type of game we’ve never seen before – one that showcases the capabilities of Sony’s new hardware. By allowing this news to leak into the press, Sony has generated a lot of hype. Let’s all hope that they’re capable of delivering on it.

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