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Resident Evil 2 Remake News: Fanmade mod makes the game more terrifying

Mudasir Jamil


Resident Evil 2 remake is a fine example of remastering. Many a game lose their fan base after remake and the biggest example in this regard is Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The original game was proven to be a blockbuster which set the tune for the world-famous Call of Duty gaming series. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare Remastered was not appreciated as well. Many websites even rated it as the “flop” of the series. But when it comes to Resident Evil 2, developers have certainly fulfilled their promise of delivering an enticing game which leaves you petrified. Check out our review for the game.
However good a game is made, there is always room for improvement and fans demand just increase with time. Players were wishing of a real randomizer in the game (which is expected to come soon). How about a First-Person Shooting mode? Interesting right! It is not an official release so camera won’t be fixed like an actual FPS game still the mod seems quite amazing and takes to on a whole new journey.
Thanks to some fans who actually made the dream come true, you can enjoy the game with heightened experience. Following clip shows a short footage of what fans have achieved. It is nothing new in the gaming world. Mods are released for almost every game. But for a spooky game like Resident Evil 2, the playing experience is just staggering. You can play the game using first person mod with 3rd person graphics. How cool is that right! There may be a hint of slight tilt in the camera but what’s a little sway as compared to a whole new experience.


Modder Praydog who developed the mod still has a long journey to complete but we must admit that they have done a fine job so far. The mod is still under developing and we are hoping for a perfect fps gameplay very soon. Those players who have not tried Resident Evil 2 remake, this mod will certainly attract them.
Remaking of Resident Evil 2 was a great idea by Capcom and that is shown by its steam 10/10 rating. Even the users on google liked at a staggering rate of 98%. If you have not played the game yet, we strongly suggest that you go for it. It will give you nightmares for sure.