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Rock Star Games Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Game of the Generation


Rock star games red dead redemption 2 best game of the generation

Rockstar games red dead redemption 2 is the best game of the generation, a Rockstar title that reunited us with the western genre in the best possible way: in a sandbox where we live the story of John Marston and his path towards redemption. Ride from New Austin to Mexico with the best rockstar games red dead redemption 2.

The story of Red dead redemption 2 is spread over three territories, in more than 57 different missions and divided into chapters. It is a long and lonely journey, always helping someone and doing dirty favors in order to put an end to the miserable life of John Marston. You are alone. Far from home. With a weapon in your belt and a horse as your only companion.

Throughout the rockstar games red dead redemption 2, there are missions of assaults, rescues, annihilation and many others through characters that will bring us closer to our goal, but behind them are hidden human stories that will make us get excited, laugh and even drop a tear. And they have not missed the winks to western classics. But if the course is memorable, rockstar games red dead redemption 2 comes to an end in a surprising way and makes us recall the words of John Marston to Bonnie in that quiet talk at the ranch.

Between shots, horseback riding and poker games there is also time to enjoy a bit of history and the technological and scientific advances of the early twentieth century, a time when the wild west thugs were in the past and opened up a prosperous century with great inventions like the railroad. In Red dead redemption 2 adventure of John Marston, he galloped through dusty plains, leafy forests, and snowy peaks, enjoying nature and the flow of time from the top of a hill. The world of rockstar games red dead redemption 2 is a gift for the senses with its specific flora and fauna and the great transition between areas resulting from a great design work.

In red dead redemption 2, we will see friendly armadillos scampering through the arid zones and other less friendly animals that inhabit Tall Trees. Simply riding aimlessly from dawn to dusk while the wind shakes us is an impressive experience. The game stood out on a narrative level thanks to great writers who created a solid and elaborate story with credible characters. The dialogues flow naturally, making the player enjoy simple talks and the personality of each one of them. In red dead redemption 2, we will meet characters from different social classes and with all kinds of morals, which are victims of the time that they have lived. We also have on the other side of the border Luisa Fortuna, a rebel who opposes Allende and is willing to die for the cause.

But let’s not forget the protagonist! John Marston, the infamous hero, who during the course of the game develops a love and empathy for him despite everything he did in his past. Interestingly, on the other side of the coin would be another character, a federal agent who will do his job which will really feel like the villain.

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