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See The Future Through Technology



Technology is changing at the speed of light in today’s modern scenario. With the coming of companies like Tesla and the ongoing under-ground researches by many tech giants, it is preparing the world to experience an all new earth by the end of this decade. Nobody knows what the next creative destruction idea would be? Any guesses? Let us dig in to the possibilities and imagine what the future could possibly behold for Homo sapiens!


With gigantic amount being invested in research and development by the tech giants, it is sure that something is cooking which is soon going to change the way we perceive the world. Some of the drastic changes can be:


  • Self-driven vehicles– testing has already been started in some cities and once approved, there will be no need of drivers. Everything will be auto run.
  • Paralysis reversal– the spinal cord movements that are stopped due to injuries can be resumed with the help of technology and cases of paralysis will be thing of past.
  • Running world on solar energy– the solar panels, cells and the technology as a whole will be exploited and the equipment will be more energy efficient.
  • Reinforced learning– the computers are made capable of making their own language and work without the programmers guiding them or making them learn things.
  • Genes decoded– the gene theory used to be hard to decode and this made many diseases take lives of people. With the help of technology, the scientists are able to control some gene disorders which could be extended to mastering diseases like cancer, heart attack etc.
  • Visiting space– with the ambitious projects of some of the industrialists and we know who even without taking the name. It is possible that we go on to see the universe and other planets. Such is going to be the power of technology.

Surprise is the synonym for future! All we have to see is how does it unfold?

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