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SEGA Unveils Persona Figures and Other Licenses



SEGA has updated sales information for Persona, Yakuza, Total War and other series. The company is committed to simultaneously releasing its games around the world.

The waltz of the financial reports continues at the end of October and the figures rain, like the recent estimates of Nintendo concerning its Switch. It is in Mario’s historical rival that directing the time to focus on his game sales. SEGA has given some information about the series owned by its companies.

Among his recent acquisitions, we obviously remember that of Atlus, developer and major publisher in the Land of the Rising Sun. This company has the unfortunate tendency to release J-RPGs of rare quality, SEGA takes the opportunity to include its good sales in its latest financial report. We learn that the series Shin Megami Tensei has reached the 7.2 million games sold since the first episode, while Persona has reached 8.5 million, including 1.8 million for the fifth installment.

For the rest, it is noted that the pretty scores of Sonic reaches the impressive figure of 360 million copies sold and Yakuza which, although more recently appeared on our consoles, has 10.5 million copies sold through the world. Finally, the Etrian Odyssey franchise displays 1.8 million sales.

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