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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Top Things To Learn From The Game


The release of the demo of the new game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a new fuss among the gamers. In this demo, you can see that that the new software and technology combined to form new features that the fans will enjoy. The latest features are hard to see if you are not an experienced player. We took our time and noticed the latest updates which contain callbacks that really surprised us.

Seriko Shadows Die Twice - Top Things To Learn From The Game

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice Will Have Posture Bar And Health Bars

In the game, both enemies and players will enjoy the feature of posture and health bar. The posture and health bar helps in damage control and provide upgrades when the enemies attack you. The enemies can turn themselves in dark soul and can become more powerful when they use the bars. You can use these bars to completely wipe out the enemies. You can lock the enemies using the health bar. Just use these bars only for the big enemies. If your enemies have diamond bars then you have to clear their health bars more than once to kill them.

Seriko Shadows Die Twice - Top Things To Learn From The Game


Other Latest Upgrades Of Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

There will be new enemies that are very strong and you can kill them with the help of special attacks. There would be certain stages where you have to save your health bars to fight the big enemies. There is 15 limit of using the Axe or the Flamespout so use them wisely. The developers will upgrade the numbers of Axe in time. Use the prosthetic tools for the big enemies as they are very powerful and can kill them in one attack.

You can also hang from ledges and grapple at any point on the map to be in a green circle to save yourself from sudden attacks of enemies. You will listen to alarms sometimes in the new Sekiro Shadow Die Twice. This is because of the fact that certain enemies can sense you. Their sense will automatically start the alarm for their attack. You can see the enemy on the HUD. There are still many secrets, which we will disclose about this game. Stay tuned for further details of the upgrades of Sekiro Shadow Die Twice.

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