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Shower The Proper Way to Protect Your Hair


Shower The Proper Way to Protect Your Hair

Showering is not a child’s play. Doing it right is necessary as this involves taking care of the body in the best possible way. The small habits can leave a large impact on the lifestyle followed by a person. Therefore, one must make sure that the rules are followed properly. Hair is indeed the most important part of the body. These are the babies that should be taken care of properly to look good in front of other people. There are patterns in which the hair must be washed. Let us see those procedures and then apply them in the real situations:

  1. Steaming the hair before putting shampoo: It is necessary to steam hair before putting shampoo on it. This technique allows the pores of the scalp to open up and the dirt particles become soft so that they can be removed easily.
  2. Massaging steamed hair before shampooing: Gently massaging the hair with oil or simply massaging would help the pores to be open more and feel good.
  3. Using lukewarm or cool water: Cold water or lukewarm water allows the hair to become soft and silky after the shampoo. This also allows more and more dirt to be removed from the hair easily.
  4. Using SLS free shampoo: SLS or Paraben free shampoo contains harmful chemicals that can harm the scalp of the ladies. In order to prevent this from happening, it is strongly recommended that the user uses a shampoo that is light on hair and rich in natural ingredients.
  5. Applying only in the scalp: the shampoo only needs to be spread across the scalp gently.
  6. Massaging while shampooing: The massaging of the shampoo on each and every part of the head is necessary. This will allow the shampoo to get into the pores and cleanse it.
  7. Don’t wash’em daily girl: No. It is strongly recommended that shampoo is done twice or thrice a week. More than that could cause harm to the hair.

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