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SIM Swap Attacks are increasing nowadays– how to prevent them


SIM Swap Attacks are increasing nowadays– how to prevent them

With the advancement of technology, the bad parts of the technological world are improving too. This means that there is a greater number of scammers out there in the world. They are not just plain old harmless pranksters rather they can inflict huge losses on you. SIM swap attacks are a part of these scams too and they are increasing every day as many people and companies have lost millions to such attackers. Hacking of multiple Instagram accounts, $220 lawsuit on AT&T and ever-flourishing underground crime are all due to these scammers.

SIM Swap Attacks are increasing nowadays– how to prevent them

How Does A SIM Swap Attack Work

For this to work, the attacker persuades your carrier to switch your number to his SIM card. In simpler words, the attackers hack your SIM and steal all of the information that your SIM card contains. This way he can easily control all activities like messaging and calling from your SIM. This also grants him access to your most significant information and your social media accounts. The information gained by SIM card swap helps hackers to get past your two-way authentication without any trouble.

All of us are aware that hackers used Selena Gomez’s Instagram account to post Justin Beiber’s nudes in the past. This led to embarrassment on both the singers’ part and people went crazy over it. Cybercrime is developing and extending its routes via SIM swap attacks too. Online bank transactions are at a great risk due to this kind of scam as well.

Allison Nickson says: “In most of the cases that we’ve seen, a sufficiently determined attacker can take over someone’s online footprint.” What can be worse than that?

SIM Swap Attacks are increasing nowadays– how to prevent them

How Can We Avoid SIM Swap Attacks

SIM swap attacks are dangerous and we need to avoid them at all costs. Here are some things that our experts recommend you to do. The primary thing that you need to do is assign a PIN code or a passcode to your SIM card. It is an extra layer of protection, your SIM offers to potential hackers. You should prefer other means of two-factor authentication to avoid any losses. Rather than using SMS verification, use Google Authenticator, Authy or other apps can be a better security against such hackers. This way no information will be accessible through messaging only.

We are looking for more ways to protect your phones and accounts so stay tuned.

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