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Skull and Bones – How to Get Shellac


In Skull and Bones, Shellac is a valuable resource that players can use to upgrade their ships and unlock new features. This guide will explore how to obtain Shellac in the game, as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions about this valuable resource.

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Understanding Shellac

Shellac is a rare and valuable resource in Skull and Bones that players can use to upgrade their ships and improve their capabilities. It is primarily used to enhance the armor and weapons of your ship, making it more resilient and powerful in combat.

How to Get Shellac

The party responsible for Shellac production is the Dominion of Rempah. Found in and around Telok Penjarah, the item won’t become visible until halfway through the game. Although you can sell it, it is advisable to hoard the resource until you really need it because it is used to build more lethal weapons and ships like the Padewakang.

Skull and Bones - How to Get Shellac
Shellac can be obtained by destroying Rempah ships, albeit it is less common on lower-level ships. Most likely, military and merchant vessels will transport it. Before engaging, use the Spyglass to check if the substance is listed on the ship manifest. Is it difficult to locate Shellac in enemy cargo? You can plunder three settlements if it is indicated as potential loot.

Because of its proximity to Telok Penjarah, Kencur is my favourite, but you may also visit Kota Lama or Damai. Two of the guard towers in Kencur use Rockets, even though the ship level is indicated as seven. Before you begin to plunder, make sure you have your best armour on and food that lowers the use of Brace Stamina.

Skull and Bones - How to Get Shellac

You can go to the Rempah Trade in the Ruined Lighthouse if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of finding a ship or robbing a village. Although it could differ from reset to reset, I’ve usually seen it cost between 70 and 75 silver per unit.


Q: Can I buy Shellac with real money?

No, Shellac cannot be purchased with real money in Skull and Bones. The only way to obtain Shellac is by looting enemy ships, capturing outposts, or completing specific missions and objectives.

Q: Are there different types of Shellac?

Yes, there are different types of Shellac in Skull and Bones, each with its own unique properties and uses. Some types of Shellac may be more effective for upgrading armor, while others may be better suited for enhancing weapons.

Q: Can I trade Shellac with other players?

No, Shellac cannot be traded with other players in Skull and Bones. It is a resource that is used exclusively for upgrading your own ships and cannot be exchanged or traded with other players.

Q: Is Shellac a limited resource?

While Shellac is not an unlimited resource in Skull and Bones, it is not overly scarce either. As long as you actively engage in combat and complete missions, you should be able to obtain a sufficient amount of Shellac to upgrade your ships and progress in the game.

Q: Can I use Shellac to upgrade other aspects of my ship?

Yes, Shellac can be used to upgrade various aspects of your ship, including its armor, weapons, and other systems. By investing Shellac in these upgrades, you can improve your ship’s overall performance and effectiveness in combat.

Q: Are there any special techniques for obtaining Shellac?

While there are no specific techniques for obtaining Shellac, focusing on missions and objectives that reward Shellac can help you accumulate this resource more quickly. Additionally, targeting enemy ships and outposts that are known to drop Shellac can increase your chances of obtaining it in combat.


Shellac is a valuable resource in Skull and Bones that players can use to upgrade their ships and unlock new features. By actively engaging in combat, completing missions, and focusing on objectives that reward Shellac, you can obtain this valuable resource and enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your ship’s armor, weapons, or overall performance, Shellac is a resource worth pursuing in Skull and Bones.