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Skull and Bones – How to Use Spear


The spear, one of humanity’s oldest and most versatile weapons, has been wielded with skill and precision by warriors throughout history. Among the myriad of techniques developed for its use, one stands out as both fearsome and effective: the Skull and Bones technique. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this ancient art, exploring its history, principles, and practical applications.

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Origins and History:

The Skull and Bones technique traces its origins back to ancient civilizations where the spear was a primary weapon of war. From the ancient Greeks to the Roman legions, variations of this technique were employed on battlefields with devastating effect. The name “Skull and Bones” itself conjures images of ruthless efficiency, reflecting the technique’s primary objective: to strike with deadly precision, incapacitating or killing adversaries swiftly.

Principles of the Skull and Bones Technique:

At its core, the Skull and Bones technique emphasizes agility, timing, and accuracy. Unlike brute force approaches, this technique relies on finesse and strategy. Here are some key principles:

  1. Swift Footwork: Mobility is essential in executing the Skull and Bones technique. Practitioners must move quickly and decisively, exploiting openings in their opponent’s defenses.
  2. Precise Thrusting: The spear’s effectiveness lies in its ability to pierce armor and flesh with minimal effort. Practitioners train rigorously to deliver thrusts with pinpoint accuracy, targeting vital areas such as the neck, chest, and abdomen.
  3. Evade and Counter: Defensive maneuvers are integral to the Skull and Bones technique. Practitioners learn to anticipate their opponent’s strikes, evading attacks with graceful movements and immediately countering with lethal thrusts of their own.
  4. Psychological Warfare: Beyond its physical aspects, the Skull and Bones technique incorporates psychological warfare. The sight of a skilled practitioner wielding a spear with deadly precision can instill fear in adversaries, disrupting their focus and morale.

How to Use Spear

In Skull and Bones, to use the Spear, navigate using the beginning Dhow, locate a shark or bunch of fish, aim (using the PC’s right mouse button) at the fish, and then fire (using the left mouse button). When you aim, align the reticule with the fish in the center; when you hit your target, it will turn yellow.

The spear shot will be more potent and deal more damage than a normal toss if the fire button is held down before being released. Don’t forget to approach and get your spoils after killing the fish. What you speared will determine the commodities and resources you receive.

Skull and Bones - How to Use Spear

For instance, you can obtain shark skin and meat by plundering a shark. You can make meals at a Cookery fire that replenishes stamina by cooking Fish Meat, which you can obtain from any regular type of fish. Keep in mind that you can only get the Spear aboard the Dhow.

Any other ship will allow you to attack with weapons like guns, culverin, cannons, and so on. These can be used to catch fish in a manner similar to that of the spear and are possibly more effective, despite the fact that they require more ammunition.


Is the Skull and Bones technique suitable for beginners?

While the Skull and Bones technique may seem advanced, beginners can still benefit from learning its fundamental principles. Starting with basic spear handling and gradually progressing to more advanced drills and techniques is key to mastering this art.

How important is footwork in executing the Skull and Bones technique?

Footwork is crucial in the Skull and Bones technique as it enables practitioners to maintain mobility, create openings, and evade incoming attacks. Practitioners must develop agility and balance to move swiftly and decisively on the battlefield.

Can the Skull and Bones technique be adapted for self-defense purposes?

Yes, the principles of the Skull and Bones technique can be adapted for self-defense situations. Learning how to wield a spear effectively can provide individuals with a means to defend themselves against armed assailants while keeping a safe distance.

What are some recommended training drills to improve spear proficiency?

Training drills such as target practice, partner drills, and sparring sessions are essential for improving spear proficiency. These drills help practitioners develop accuracy, timing, and muscle memory necessary for executing the Skull and Bones technique with precision.


The Skull and Bones technique stands as a testament to humanity’s ingenuity and adaptability in the art of warfare. Its timeless principles continue to inspire martial artists and warriors seeking to master the spear and unlock its full potential on the battlefield. Whether in ancient times or the modern era, the Skull and Bones technique remains a symbol of lethal precision and martial prowess.