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Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33


Are you an avid player of Starfield? Well, you’re in luck! Bethesda has released the highly anticipated update 1.7.33 for both PC and Xbox players. This update aims to fix technical mishaps and improve overall gameplay. This update covers you, from fixing character location issues to enhancing vendor inventories. Experience improved graphics, performance, and stability, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. Read on to learn more about the technical improvements and what the future holds for Starfield.

Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33

In the latest Starfield update notes 1.7.33, Bethesda has addressed various issues in the game. General improvements have been made to characters, star stations, and vendors, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. Graphics have been enhanced, fixing problems with blurry textures and photosensitivity, while performance and stability have been optimized to prevent crashes and freezes.

Additionally, the update has resolved disappearing items on in-ship mannequins and in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks after commandeering another ship. Let’s discuss these updates and how they’ve improved the overall gameplay in Starfield.

Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33


You should check out the Starfield Update 1.7.33 Patch Notes for the latest improvements and fixes in the game. The update addresses various issues, such as characters not being in the proper location and star stations being mislabeled as player-owned ships. Accessibility problems with vendors’ full inventory have also been resolved.

On the technical side, the patch fixes a star lens flare issue on AMD GPUs and resolves blurry textures caused by an upscaling problem. Additionally, the update addresses photosensitivity issues during inventory menu scrolling and hitching problems with the hand scanner.

Performance and stability have been improved to prevent crashing and freezes. Disappearing items on in-ship mannequins, Razorleaf Storage Containers, and Weapon Racks after commandeering another ship have also been fixed. Stay tuned for future updates from Bethesda as they continue to address player requests and improve the game.


Take a moment to appreciate the improved graphics in the latest Starfield update. This update has resolved blurry textures and photosensitivity issues in the inventory menu scrolling. With this update, you can now fully enjoy the game’s stunning visuals without any distractions. The upscaling problem causing blurry textures has been fixed, ensuring that every detail in the game is sharp and clear.

Additionally, the photosensitivity issues in the inventory menu scrolling have been addressed, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable gameplay experience. Bethesda has listened to player feedback and made these necessary improvements to enhance the overall graphics quality of Starfield.

Performance and Stability

With various improvements to prevent crashing and freezing, the performance and stability of Starfield have significantly improved in the latest update. Players have reported fewer game crashes and freezing instances, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

The developers at Bethesda have addressed several technical issues, including character placement, labelling of star stations, and accessibility of vendor inventories. They’ve also resolved graphics problems such as blurry textures and photosensitivity issues in the inventory menu scrolling.

Additionally, after commandeering another ship, the update has fixed disappearing items on in-ship mannequins and in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks. While the game still had some technical mishaps at launch, Bethesda has diligently released updates to address player concerns and improve Starfield’s overall performance and stability.


The update 1.7.33 for Starfield fixes issues with the ships, including disappearing items in storage containers and weapon racks after commandeering another ship. With this update, you can rest easy knowing that your precious items will no longer mysteriously vanish when you take control of a new vessel.

Bethesda has listened to player feedback and worked diligently to address this frustrating problem. Now, you can confidently explore the vast reaches of space without worrying about losing your hard-earned gear. This fix demonstrates Bethesda’s commitment to improving the overall gameplay experience and ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Starfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Did It Take for Bethesda to Release the 1.7.33 Update for Starfield?

Bethesda released the 1.7.33 update for Starfield, but without context, it’s unclear how long it took. The update fixed various issues with characters, Star Stations, vendors, graphics, and ships.

Are There Any Specific Improvements Made to the Performance and Stability of the Game in This Update?

Yes, specific improvements were made to the performance and stability of the game in this update. Bethesda addressed crashing and freezing issues, and made various improvements to prevent these problems from occurring.

What Were the Main Technical Issues Addressed in the 1.7.33 Update?

The main technical issues addressed in the 1.7.33 update were characters not in proper location, mislabeled star stations, vendor inventory accessibility, graphics problems, disappearing items, and performance and stability improvements.

Will There Be More Updates From Bethesda in the Future for Starfield?

Yes, Bethesda has confirmed that there will be future updates for Starfield. While bug fixes are likely the focus, there is a possibility of more substantial changes based on player requests.

Are There Any Major Changes or Additional Features Requested by Players That Are Expected to Be Added in Future Updates?

There may be future updates from Bethesda for Starfield, likely focusing on bug fixes. Players have requested additional features, but it remains to be seen if they will be added.


In conclusion, the release of Starfield’s update 1.7.33 brings much-needed improvements and fixes to the game. From addressing character location issues to enhancing vendor inventories, Bethesda aims to make the gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable.

With graphics fixes and improved performance and stability, players can expect a better gaming experience overall. As we look forward to future updates, it seems Bethesda is committed to addressing any technical mishaps and making Starfield the best it can be.