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Steel Rats: Destroy, Race, Shoot, Stunt, Explore and More!


Steel Rats - Wreck and Ride!

Steel Rats is a vehicular combat 2.5D platformer game by Tate Multimedia. If you are a fan of arcade style shooting platformer games with tons of action and enemies and stages and bosses then look no further because this right here was made just for you. The game is styled in retro future world set in 1940 and can be played by one of the four available characters whom you can switch between to make the play more versatile and non-repetitive.

Steel Rats: Wreck and Ride!


A gang of bikers James, Lisa, Randall and Toshi who call themselves the Rats roam the Coastal City with their insanely tricked out combat ready bikes. Each character brings something unique to the action and players can switch between them at any time during gameplay. Upgrading and unlocking skins can make the characters better both aesthetically and performance wise as well.

There are 5 districts of the Coastal City and there are so many places to explore and secrets to unravel. The city however is infested with Junkbots who have infested the entire place and need to be taken out. There are 10 different classes of these metal made enemies and must be taken out and Rats are the right group to handle the situation. There are surely be epic boss battles to make you work them engines overtime.

Steel Rats: Wreck and Ride!

Boss Battle

96% Positive reviews on Steam makes it one of the fan favorites already and it’s only been a couple of weeks since it’s launch on November 7, 2018. It seems like a no-brainer to me, It looks fun and brings something completely unique and new to gamers.

Available now on PC via Steam and PS4 for $19.99

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