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Strange Brigade: Set up traps for supernatural powers and the evil queen


Explorers of ancient history, mummies, witchcraft, guns and Africa would love to play Strange Brigade and shooting hundreds of monsters and mummies reawaken by an evil Queen who died 4000 years ago. Edgar Harbin who released the spirit of the brutal queen having found her grave is an archaeologist by profession and he created this situation inviting special agents of the British Colonial government in the 1930s.

The players with different weapons to eliminate enemies hiding in jungles and attacking will go through many stages of combat. They will have to set up traps so there is no escape route and more and more monsters and undead supernatural powers alive and called in to wage war with the help of black magic get destroyed.

In the battlefield collecting gold coins is another aspect without them there will not be any purchase of weapons and artillery.

Sending the demonic foes, zombies and skeleton pirates back to burn in the hell fire will get you buried treasures. In order to enhance the skills of the players there is a Photo mode providing the players with an opportunity to snap pictures and see how to improve shooting and battle in the arena which ironically has exotic locations.

Get ready, be an adventurer in the 1930s, and team up with other players who have different abilities and who can operate weapons of their choice. In the course of killing exploration, sort out puzzles, strengthen yourselves and be classy in the tactics or war while dealing with the barbarics led by Seteki, the evil Queen.

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