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Stupendous Health Benefits of Zinc – Requirement, Dietary Sources, and Deficiency


Stupendous Health Benefits of Zinc – Requirement, Dietary Sources, and Deficiency

Zinc is an essential trace element found in the body. Only a trace amount of zinc is required for maintaining body functions but that doesn’t trivialize its importance. Our body cannot store zinc so we regularly need to consume zinc regularly in form of diet. Today we are going to look at all the incredible health benefits of zinc responsible for normal body functioning.


Males (14 and over): 11 milligrams/day
Females (14 to 18 years): 9 milligrams/day

Deficiency symptoms:

Zinc deficiency for a long time can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, liver diseases, and malignancy. Following are some general symptoms of zinc deficiency
• Acne, eczema
• Stunted growth
• Hair loss
• Altered cognition
• Anemia
• Diarrhea
• Delayed wound healing
• Depression

Stupendous Health Benefits of Zinc – Requirement, Dietary Sources, and Deficiency

The richest source of zinc is as follow
• Raw oyster
• Beef, lam
• Baked beans, chickpeas and peas
• Yoghurt
• Peanuts
• Nuts, seafood and whole grains

Zinc benefits

Immune booster:

Our immune system needs zinc to activate its T lymphocytes which are involved in controlling immune responses and are responsible for combating cancerous cells and infection. Zinc deficiency can make a person vulnerable to infection and diseases by impairing immune response. It is a miraculous component of cold-fighting remedies. If cold is lingering for a long while, zinc intake would fight back symptoms just in 24 hours. Zinc promotes and speeds up recovery and also fights against viruses

Hormonal balance:

Zinc is involved in hormonal regulation and has a strong impact on sex hormones. In men, it enhances the level of testosterone and in women, it regulates the production of estrogen. It regulates the production of progesterone and aids in the egg releasing process. Deficiency of zinc can lead to male infertility and poor sperm health. Hormonal balance due to zinc deficiency can lead to mood instability, compromised sexual health, and weight fluctuation.

Cardiovascular health:

Zinc is a vital mineral that ensures cardiovascular health in individuals. Inflammation and oxidation deteriorate the walls of vessels. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature of zinc helps in combating cardiovascular issues and contribute in maintaining heart health. Arteries walls require zinc to maintain their strength and flexibility. Zinc clears out excess cholesterol struggling to settle in blood vessels. Thus zinc, in many ways, protects the heart from critical damage.

Prevents diarrhea and AMD:

Studies show that there is a decline in the death rate of children suffering from diarrhea just by following 10- day course of zinc supplementation. It not only treats diarrhoea but also prevents from future bouts. Zinc also reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration by protecting the retina from cellular damage.

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