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Take Care Of Your Eyes Naturally – Quick and Easy Tips For Healthy Eyes


Take care of your eyes naturally – quick and easy tips

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and to the world. Wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, redness are some common problems you face when you take these windows for granted. Incorporating and adopting good lifestyle choices will ensure that you’re seeing your best.

Following are some easy tips to protect and keep your peeper healthy

Reduce puffiness with cucumber slices:

Caffeic acid and ascorbic acid in cucumber prevent water retention in eyes and reduce puffiness and swelling around the eyes. Simply put cucumber slices on your eyes and gently press. Do this daily for 10 mins before going to bed.

Keep your eyes clean:

It’s important to wash your eyes with fresh water. A few drops of rose water would be good. And never use hot or cold water on the eyes. Always wash with fresh water

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