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Technical Analysis of: Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP] & Ethereum [ETH]



We are living in a world of digital technology from the development of innovations to development of the smart homes. It promotes seamless transactions. Every industry feels the impact of innovation more than before. Cryptocurrency is due to this digital change in the world of technology.

Ethereum needs to seek to form these objectives come true. It boasts of many applications to assist users in all fields. Mining is a word that creates from the gold analogy of the cryptocurrency. Mining ethereum is to increase the volume of Entering in circulation. It is vital to secure the Ethereum network as it produces, propagates blocks, publishes, verifies blocks in the blockchain. It is easy to use technology. The rate of the cryptocurrency is not stable. It fluctuates all the time.

What is Ethereum mining or ETH?

It is the process of mining Ether. It equals protecting the network that ensures confirmed computation. Ether is essential for the smooth running of Ethrum platform because it serves as fuel. To motivate developers for, ether is an incentive. Every developer seeks to engage and uses smart contact on the Ethereum blockchains. It requires ether to proceed. It is known as fuel that increases the efficiency of Ethereum. It is not very expensive to run the transaction on the network as compared to buy Ether. A user can sell Ether after mining.


Ripple is an innovation that acts as digital payment and cryptocurrency network for financial transaction. It had released in 2012. It is recognized for its protocol of digital payment that its XRP. It operates on a peer to peer decentralized stage and an open source. It allows for digital transfer of money in all forms such as biotin, litecoin, Yen, USD and others.


Bitcoin is the most expensive form of digital currency that needs security. The rate of the cryptocurrency fluctuates in very short period. Bitcoin is an open message system protected by public key cryptography. Other systems offer protection by using passwords, logins, username and others. This system is secured by using the message signature.

How to mine Ethereum?

  • Install your video card drivers in the device. AMD GPU
  • Install Ethereum by getting an EthereumWallet Address and
  • Use blockchain
  • Receive Blockchain
  • com is the link from where you get your wallet


Mining Ether uses a lot of electricity. Through the sale, good income is generated if mining is carried out. To calculate profit the calculators for Ethereum mining are available. Any PC can be used to do ethereum mining. Your system just needs a graphics card of 2 GB RAM. The CPU mining takes more time and effort but gives little profit. The use of GPU is beneficial because it is better, faster and quicker than CPU. AMD cards are better.

It is a long-term system that is formed with the network of computers. The POW, proof of work is used in Ethereum. This is supported by blockchain technology such as Ethereum and bitcoin. The POW refers to the solution of complex equations. For a minor, this is a fundamental need. This is a profitable task that is designed to multiply the business by using the digital technology.