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The Influence of Pop Culture on Poker Trends: From TikTok to the Tables


Culture on Poker Trends

Poker, in one form or another, has been around for over a century. Many players have come and gone, and some have left their mark on the game by helping shape today’s rules creating strategies and techniques to help them win. Strategies that are still relevant today. So, people have had a significant impact on the game of poker, and this influence continues today with online poker with the assistance of pop culture. Pop culture has been shaping the way we view things for many years. Before it was TV or movies, now it is TikTok or Instagram, which can reach people and change their views about something or help set trends that become common in everyday life. This effect has also taken shape in USA online poker; pop culture has helped shape people’s view of poker while allowing some to develop new game strategies or ways of playing the game.

Below, we will take a look at pop culture and the effect it has had on poker and poker trends.

How has pop culture affected online poker?

Pop culture has had a significant impact on online poker. Movies, TV shows, and documentaries are more in quantity showcasing online poker and the joy it brings to the players. It presents to the audience a community of players who connect over a game requiring attention and focus. Online poker was once upon a time looked down upon by the public. Something only people did when they wanted to throw away their money it was not seen as popular amongst the masses. But movies that speak more of traditional poker showcasing a player winning lots of money lead to more people seeking USA-friendly online poker sites for real money. A TV show showing friends bonding every Friday night over a game of online poker has brought more attention and positive publicity to the game.

When it comes to social media such as TikTok and Instagram, it has created another mechanism for showcasing poker to the world. The emergence of the internet has allowed more people to connect with poker through online poker sites. Now, TikTok videos showcasing poker strategies or tricks garner millions of views and get more people into the game. Online poker is also becoming legalized in more and more locations, giving people more of an opportunity to film a game that has legitimacy in the legal system.

The idea of poker being this game only played by the socioeconomically disadvantaged persists. But thanks to the internet, movies, and TV shows, these beliefs are slowly being phased out, and a more positive image is emerging in people’s eyes as to what playing poker is.

What is the effect of pop culture on the game of poker?

Like anything, social media affects how a game is played and can change the framework or rules of a game. Old rules no longer remain dominant if newer, more interesting trends emerge and the masses catch on. Pop culture, especially social media, has led to recent trends, new ideas on how to play the game, or a deeper appreciation for old tricks.

One of the older tricks growing in appreciation due to social media is the art of bluffing. People are getting exposed to visual tips on keeping a virtual face, which keeps other players guessing what your hands are. Such as using emojis or speaking a certain way through a microphone if one is available. Other trends include more female players; social media shows that women can be just as good, if not better, in online poker.

On the downside, this may also push people in a direction where they do not fully appreciate the art of playing poker. Many players may see viral clips and think playing poker is this quick, easy game that involves boasting and making fun of your opponents. Viral clips may show a player slamming and mocking others through his headset once he wins the hand.

Online poker is a silent game built on sportsmanship, and making fun of or insulting other players by most professional players is a sign of bad sportsmanship. However, some online personalities may present this as the right way to play the game.


Public opinion on poker has changed over the past several decades, and it exploded further once the internet came into existence. Soon, online poker communities got built, online poker sites exploded in popularity, and more and more people found their way to the game of poker.

While pop culture and online clips have helped to expand the game’s popularity and some of its older traditions, they may also have had a negative effect. With online clips and personalities showcasing behavior not typical of the game, it can lead to bad habits in some newer players. But in all, the speed of ascension in which online poker has taken in is unrivaled, and with each generation watching clips on TikTok, more and more players are finding their way to the game and learning new tricks and schemes.