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The long-awaited Material You app icon has been added to the Galaxy Store


Following the release of the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung is refocusing its efforts on the production of software updates, and we are already observing indicators of the company’s growth in this area. The Galaxy Note 20 series has received the latest security update from the business, which was issued in February 2023. Now, the South Korean company has made available on the Galaxy Store an icon for the Material You application.

Beginning in the previous year, Samsung began implementing Material You-inspired dynamic app icons for its pre-installed software. However, the new design language has not been implemented across the board in the company’s stock applications. Today, the firm began releasing out a new upgrade to the Galaxy Store, which adds the Material You dynamic app icon. This update was released today. If you wish to upgrade the app, open the Galaxy Store and check to see if you’ve already received the update with app version Some users have already begun receiving the update with this version of the app.

Some individuals who haven’t received the update have tried adjusting the date on their phone to February 7, 2023, and the solution has been successful for them. They have been given the Material You symbol for the dynamic app that is found in the Galaxy Store. This new icon will change from its default pink colour to a colour that is based on the colours that are used for the background on your phone.

It is hoped that Samsung will update all of its stock apps (even those that are not pre-installed on the company’s phones and tablets) with icons that correspond to Material You. It will ensure that the UI as a whole has a unified appearance. It’s possible that the new appearance won’t appeal to everyone, but the good news is that you can turn off the Material You dynamic app icon look in the settings if you want to.