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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier-The last Season Kicks Off


Walking Dead

Walking Dead: A New Frontier brings to you a zombie dystopian space. Here players get a firsthand experience of what horror and the fear for your life can do to you.

The Backstory

The only light in the eternal darkness in the game was Clementine, one of the few children left alive. She is a girl whose soul you are held responsible to guard. Here we witness what the hostile apocalyptic place, the haunted geography, the survivors and the death has affected her. Gone is her innocence and naivety. Additionally,  she is burdened with the tragic. Whereas, the responsibility of life; hanging over her like the hanging man’s noose. This world has taken too much of her, leaving behind a husk of the previous person. The trauma she has endured her, follows her around like a ghost.

Final Season!

It is this gloomy story that hangs over the whole game. The walking Dead’s final season begins with a focus on acceptance of the worst. Clementine is forced to step into the world and deal with its dreadfulness at an early age. She has witnessed the darkness and has been pushed beyond her years and beyond her capacity. Despite all this she has kept reserved her sanity. She is left with her sense of reason intact, the only thing worth giving.

Done Running begins after six or seven years of A New Frontier. The fans never get to see what happens to Clementine through that horrible time. She stumbles across A.J, who she has adopted for an indefinite time. Walking dead begins with Clementine racing a car with A.J. in the backseat. The players could be fooled by the domesticity of the scene as she has fun with her son. They bicker about toys and meals. Furthermore, they both seem to have come to accept the presence of the Walkers. They have finally adjusted to the terror around them.

The Mechanics

The graphics, animation and art style are a little different from the Walking Dead comics. However, the background is a lot more abstract and rougher giving it an ethereal quality. The horrors hide in the abstractness of nature.

The Branching Out

The final season of Walking Dead borrows from Telltale. It has a storyline that branches out. Done Running is all about journeying and exploring the world around. It is less action and gore and more of an examination of the world around.

The New Characters

A.J. and Clementine stumble across Ericson Academy where a bunch of kids have been left to their own defense. The episode half focuses on Clementine and half focuses on the new world around her. We get to focus on A.J. and see how he is younger than Clementine was when all of this began. You get to see his character nuances, how he jumps and attacks those who sneak behind him. The first episode of the final season of Walking Dead has much to offer. A new world of hope and acceptance has sprung from the chaos. Horrors may follow but happiness too lies among the ruins.

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