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Things You Need to Know About Crane Scale


Before we impose load on any load-bearing structure, it is essential to evaluate whether the structure is capable of carrying the load. Due to continuous loading and unloading, these structures are prone to fatigue. The failure of the load-bearing structures can cause damage to your equipment and products as well as injure or kill your personnel. Therefore, you need to monitor the loads on the load-bearing structures. Crane scales are load measuring devices that help you to measure the weight or amount of force on the load-bearing structures and protect the infrastructure, equipment, and personnel from overloads. These measuring systems have numerous applications including shipment weighing to save processing time, maintain streamlined manufacturing, fast measurement of any load, and load monitoring and overload prevention

What is a Crane Scale?

Crane scales consist of a special type of transducer called a load cell. These transducers assist in the conversion of physical phenomena like pressure, force, and temperature into an electrical signal. In simple words, these devices measure forces from torque, tension, or compression. As these devices provide an electrical output, we can easily measure and determine the applied force.

During the formation of crane scales, load cells are wrapped into housing so that the load cells get connected between a load and a structure. Manufacturers also include various other technologies in order to make a user-friendly crane scale. For instance, manufacturers can prepare Bluetooth crane scales that you can handle from a short distance. They can also tie different analog outputs into a PLC system. If you need a heavy-duty crane scale for your application, 5-ton crane scales can be useful for you. With the help of this device, you can measure up to 1000 pounds.

Load Rating:

Many people wonder what load rating is perfect for their applications. For that, they need to assess how much load they are going to put on the crane scale for weight measurement. For instance, if you need to weigh pretty heavy loads, a 5-ton crane scale can be an excellent choice for you. However, you cannot weigh small loads using this system. Because if you need to measure an object that weighs approximately 30 lbs., you won’t get effective results from the 5-ton crane scale.

Due to the accuracy level, the results differ in different crane scales. A 1000 lb crane scale that has 0.1 % accuracy will give you an accurate measurement of plus or minus 10 lbs. the difference in accuracy will be higher for the heavy-duty crane scales and if you are okay with that, you can choose a heavy-duty crane scale. Therefore, to have effective measurements, an appropriate load rating is important. However, you will definitely need a heavy-duty crane scale like a 5-ton crane scale if you require to measure heavy loads.

If you are confused about selecting the right crane scale for you, you must evaluate your project and the requirements for your applications. A clear idea about your needs and an understanding of the features of the crane scales will help you to select the best crane scale for you.