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Top Hobbies For Tech Lovers to Try


According to recent government reports, the technology industry currently makes up a whopping £540 billion in the UK.

Whether you want to get into tech to advance your career prospects, or you simply enjoy toying around with it in your spare time, there are lots of fun ways to explore technology further.

In this article, we share a handful of hobbies for tech lovers to try.

Digital art

Digital art is fast taking over the world, with retail companies, graphic designers, and marketers alike all turning to this modem for their artistic requirements. This is a great way to unleash your inner creativity without having the physical mess of paints and pastels. What’s more, if you make a mistake on your masterpiece, you can easily erase it digitally – so no hard work is over lost due to the wrong stroke of a paintbrush! Simply invest in a digital pen, grab your tablet and get started.


Coding is now recognised globally as one of the most useful skill-sets to possess. So much so, that many schools have even made this an extension of their curriculum so that children can harness this sought-after skill at a young age. If you’re looking for a fun hobby that you and your kids can tackle together, there are plenty of educational coding kits available online for you to try at home. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can even use coding to program your own game design on platforms such as Unreal Engine.

Adobe photoshop

If it’s graphic design you specifically want to try your hand at, Adobe photoshop will soon become your new best friend. This program is a fundamental staple of almost all designers across the globe. This allows you to create CADs, digital artwork, edit photos with pristine precision – and much more. The package can be a little on the pricey side, however, so make sure this is a hobby that you’re happy to invest time and money into before diving in.


If you’re interested in motion-picture design, animation could be the perfect new hobby for you to sink your teeth into. Whether it’s using videography or stop motion, there are tonnes of fun routes you can go down. You can draw your animations by hand, make models out of clay, or even use a digital pen to create your artwork. There are different animation programs available that all vary in price and design – so be sure to do your research to figure out which one best suits your style and budget.