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Top Online Tools That Every Techie Should Know


Techies spend hours on their computers trying to do a wide range of things. Developers, on the other hand, have built online tools to simplify and smoothen the user experience. The impact of technology on different sectors is undisputed. The gambling industry, for instance, has become so good that gamers can play their favorite slots and casino games from the comfort of their homes, cars, or offices. Fantastic sites like Verde Casino can lead to a worthwhile experience. 

Technology enthusiasts have multiple tasks to perform on their PCs, so they need a range of tools. However, they cannot install everything because of certain limitations (space and memory). Hence, you must ensure you pick the most useful ones for you. Because of the increase in demand, you can find numerous tools on the web, but not all of them work perfectly. Let us give you an overview of the top online tools that you should own:


This is a new artificial intelligence chatbot that can solve almost every problem that you can encounter. It is so advanced that it has raised ethical concerns. Academicians, for instance, suspect that it will be used to cheat in tests and assignments, thus lowering the standards of education. It has restrictions to prevent it from giving instructions on how to build illegal and toxic things like bombs, but some techies have found ways of bypassing it. You can ask the app anything, and it will provide answers. Nothing is better than that.

Kaspersky Total Security

Perhaps Kaspersky is the most effective tool that guarantees cybersecurity and safety from viruses. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, thus allowing you to use it on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. The tool prevents your device from catching spyware, ransomware, malware, or falling prey to phishing sites. It doesn’t end there – the tool also has an encrypted vault for the storage of sensitive documents, security for online transactions, and a blocker for adult content on the web. If you want a total security for your online activities, then Kaspersky is certainly the best option. 

IObit Advanced SystemCare

This online tool will assist you to ensure that your device is functioning optimally. Your PC’s performance determines the value of all your other apps. This tool is AI-powered, and it is vital in freeing up disk space, preventing freezes of the system, and guaranteeing your privacy by preventing unauthorized access. The software is quite cheap compared to its competitors and works excellently. It will certainly be worth it.


Do you want to send large volumes of data online? Winzip makes this possible since it is used for archiving and compressing data. The tool can assist you to encrypt your data, share data, backup, PDF management, and integrating cloud services. Hence, you can carry out activities like converting Word to PDF, file sharing and management, compressing of videos, MP3, and images, file management, data protection, and so much more. It uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure the safety of your info.

Driver Easy

This is another crucial tool that positively impacts your device’s performance. It is a simple tool that scans your drivers, downloads and installs the necessary updates when need be. Techies tend to be good at maintaining their PCs, so they may not need them as much. However, if you want to have updated systems without putting in the work – Driver Easy is the real deal. It allows you to schedule scans and install and remove drivers. 


This app is vital in project management and customer care. Techies are usually involved in multiple projects at a time and work remotely. Hence, they need to access their clients easily. This app has features like real-time chats, customer-facing apps, a client portal, and customizable webforms. It can be integrated with other apps to ensure efficiency. This enables you to assist your clients remotely. It is certainly fantastic!


Lastly, we have Zoom, which is very important for techies. It hit the limelight during the COVID-19 pandemic and has retained popularity to date. Most techies work as a team, but not necessarily in the same location. The pandemic was an eye-opener that led to reduction in the size of office spaces. This app assists you to organize and hold meetings from the convenience of your house. It has features like video sharing and screen sharing that make it perfect. People can use existing apps like Skype for communication, but Zoom certainly tops the list in the realm of online meetings.

This concludes our review of the top seven most vital online tools that every techie should have. They have different functions ranging from communication, project management, cybersecurity, device management, and more, which are critical to the life of a tech guru. Try our recommendations and test their effectiveness.