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Important upgrades introduced for Xbox One on 2018


upgrades for Xbox One on 2018

It was definitely good news for all Xbox One users when they heard about new upgrades for the gaming console expected in summer 2018. The time has finally come. Important upgrades have been introduced for the Xbox One console on 2018. These upgrades mark the advent of several latest advanced features and settings improvements as well.

Miles apart from any standard gaming console upgrade

It is important to remember that this gaming console upgrade is significantly different from other upgrades that have been offered for Xbox One in the past. This is because it is the first time ever in history that an upgrade comes with the latest FastStart feature. This allows the users to automatically run all downloaded files without the requirement of manual installation or setup assistance. This function is much similar to Blizzard’s gaming console setup.

Broadcasting features adds up to the line

Xbox gaming console has always been known for being brilliant lineup of features for the users. Interestingly, it has added another highlight feature to its lineup with the ‘broadcasting tweaks’.  The broadcasting tweaks allow the officials to send out a single tweak to all subscribed Xbox one users in one single go. This is an instantaneous function that connects all users to one another like a long chain. The broadcasting features can also be explored by the players.

Game searches have never been easier!

The best thing that comes with the latest July upgrade is that the users will be able to request for a typical genre of games for easy access and quick searches. This is a substantial upgrade that makes life so many times easier for the players because now they don’t have to look up the hundreds of games to search for a single one.

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