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Venture Capital Andreessen Horowitz launches a Crypto Fund Worth $300M – a16z Crypto


Venture Capital Andreessen Horowitz launches a Crypto Fund Worth $300M – a16z Crypto

Andreessen Horowitz has come on the cryptocurrency fund bandwagon. Venture Capital, Andreessen Horowitz declared a $300 million worth venture for cryptocurrency companies. The fund named “a 16z crypto”. The company has invented a great investment in a good number of startup. Chris Dixion explained the features of the traditional venture capital in a great way. In the beginning, the firm had invested cryptocurrency companies like Cryptokitties and Coinbase. The former federal prospector of the Department of Justice will be managed this venture. Katie Haun is the part of the board members of HackerOne Inc and Coinbase Inc. At Andreessen Horowitz, she has been appointed as the general partner.

The Advantage of Blockchain Industry:

Comparison of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are like the evaluation of the personal computers in70s, the early 90s internet, in the late 2000s smartphones. The smartphones are the great advantage for multibillion-dollar mobile app industry. Cryptocurrencies are also similar to take advantage of blockchain industry. Blockchain industry is a great choice for cryptocurrency companies.

Investment Fund:

On cryptocurrency investment funds will take a long-term view. The funds will be directed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Haun and former federal prospector. She helps in the introduction of the first government task force in America for dealings, Silk Road, and crypto market. She is the board of directors of Coinbase. She is the first teacher of digital currency. The firm main focus is on the team of founders. The new fund has not built any investments.

Few critics believed that the profitableness and privacy-conscious will block attempts to make widely adopted applications of crypto technology. Crypto technologies can make a multi-trillion dollar industry. It can be possible for them. It all depends on their capabilities of managing all the things.

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