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Watch Hollywood Blockbuster Movies on YouTube for Free!


For all the movie freaks, this is an awesome exciting news!

Yes, with little fanfare, YouTube has started to offer ad-supported, feature-length movies. Giving visitors the opportunity to watch Hollywood Blockbuster Movies for free.

As reported by AdAge, it seems that YouTube introduced this option last month. As we know, it has been possible to purchase movies from YouTube. But until today, still, no legal way to watch the movies for free. And now, YouTube has released a new feature which allows you to watch for free, with the category named “Free to Watch”.

If you take a look in the movies section on YouTube, you will find this new category. Speaking of the quality, you will be excited with the names of great movies you can find here. “The Terminator” and “Agent Cody Banks”, both are the examples for the movies available in this category.

Just one thing that might on the way, that there will be some interruptions with pop-up ads shows up often in the movie. But that will not be a big deal for the movie freaks, besides the fact that you can watch the movies for free. Director of product management at YouTube, Rohit Dhawan, stated,

“We saw this opportunity based on user demand, beyond just offering paid movies. Can we do ad-supported movies, free to the user? It also presents a nice opportunity for advertisers.”

At the moment, for the list of movies is relatively small, just around 100 titles. More from it, “Free to Watch” is available in the US, (and with VPN). It means, with using VPN set to the US, this new feature will be available on the YouTube app. You just have to visit the playlist above with the VPN connection. For note: You are not allowed to take the screenshots for these videos in the Android app.

And all the contributes go to the ads! It’s not clear what kind of deal has been made between YouTube, movie studios and advertisers, but it’s clearly good news for movie freaks.

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