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Why Shenmue 1 And 2 Run at 30HZ on PC?


Why Shenmue 1 And 2 Run at 30HZ on PC?

The upcoming release for Shenmue for the personal computer users for announced by Sega Co. in the past year. At a time of the announcement that marked the upcoming release, Sega had pointed out that there will be several new features incorporated into the game. However, no further details were offered on the matter at the time. The highly anticipated game has finally hit the markets and all its latest features have been unveiled. It is now even pretty clear why the games (both of them) will now not be able to run on Thirty Hz on your system. The system settings have been revised.

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D3t developers

The d3t developer was in troubled because of various specialized challenges. As its efforts to port the games. Displeased fans may be troubled this carries with it recognizable graphical contrasts instead of the original experience.

Technical Reasons

There are some technical reasons for which Sega has selected Shenmue 2’s Xbox instead of its dream cast variation.  Sega says that the previous incorporate highlights are missing in which channels, a Snap chat framework, texture mini map include which enhance for better visuals.


Sega has full understanding that this news would disappoint its loyal players but the distributor clarifies that there is near to nothing that can be done for the official version of the game and the game ports have solid code expectation about a settled 30Hz casing refresh motor.

Aims of PC players

Luckily the playing components of the game’s scale at a measurable 16 by 9 angle proportion.

Improvement of Save System

The saving setup has been updated and improved. It enables players to get save for all games versions. Those beginning another session of the second version of Shenmue will have the capacity to convey the record from the play record of the original. It is a great step which they take in their work.

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