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Why Will eSports be the Official Sport Around the World for 10 Years?


Ever since the word ‘esports’ came up, there has been a debate as to whether playing video games is actually a sport or not. To this day, there are a lot of people who don’t consider esports a real sport despite all the esport tournaments and events held around the world each year. However, while many say that this industry is nothing like traditional sports, others point out that playing competitive video games requires a lot of what activities such as football require – like teamwork, skill, reflexes, and strategy.

Even though this debate rages on about what is esport generally and whether it can be called a ‘sport’, chances are that it will become an officially recognized sport around the world within the next 10 years or so. And there are some good reasons for that.

Increasing Viewership

If we consider just the US, then in 2018, it is estimated that 25.7 million people viewed such events. This number is projected to increase to a massive 46 million by the year 2023. There is no denying the fact that this industry is on a constant rise. Much like how online gambling has made gambling accessible for all those looking to play slots from their homes, esports have made it possible for video game fans to not only view competitive events take place but also take part in them from the comfort of their homes. And while experts can sit and debate whether these video games actually require any physical activity or not, it is clear by the number of viewers that people love watching esport tournaments just like they enjoy watching a football match.


Another big reason is that competitive video game players are getting sponsored by big companies these days. This means that this industry is bringing in the cash too. Getting sponsored by global brands make video game players much like traditional athletes in the eyes of people, making the whole industry seem more legitimate and here for the long run.


The scalability of this industry is also a contributing factor to its acceptance globally, not just in terms of how wide it can spread but also how it is being tied into other industries. For example, you can now easily hop on to the best casino review service, find some options at casinos with highest payouts and even bet on esport tournaments taking place! Online casinos are not just for playing slots or getting some spins. Gamblers have been putting bets on traditional sporting events for years and now they can do so on video games too.

Such incorporation is what makes this industry even more likely to be accepted for what it is advertised as by the whole world. The more it grows, the more it gets accepted worldwide, and the more likely it is to be officially agreed upon as a type of sport.

Growing Acceptance

The indication that this industry will be globally recognized within the next few years grows even stronger when you consider how many countries already deem competitive video gaming as a sport. Some of these countries include South Korea, China, the US, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, and Italy. Esports is even included in the upcoming Asian Games of 2022 as a medal event. With so much recognition, it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches up and sees the potential of this industry instead of brushing it aside as just playing video games.

Some Challenges

Despite all of the love the industry gets, there are still some challenges that have to be met. One of the biggest issues that arise with esports is that of mental health. Gamers who take part in competitive events often suffer from mental as well as physical health issues. This is in part due to the stress that comes with the competition and also because they are not often not treated like athletes and have to deal with pretty bad conditions when traveling to events. And just like how gamblers who love to play spins on slots, video gamers can also suffer from addiction or burnout, both of which are not healthy for them.


Even though there are challenges and issues to deal with, the esport industry is on a constant rise. There are very few people out there still asking, ‘what is esport?’ because it is not something new anymore. It is not the fad that many experts thought it was and the fact that so many countries have fully accepted it as a form of sport speaks volumes. In a few short years, we might finally see the end of the ongoing debate about whether competitive video gamers should be considered as sportspeople or not and whether this industry is just going to die out after some time. Because it most likely will not.