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3D Face Verification like a way to be in safety online


Keeping yourself secure in the online world can be difficult. With the vast amount of personal information that people put into their online profiles, it is still imperative to keep them secure. Dating websites and others have worked hard to implement 3D face verification to protect users’ privacy. We’re going to explain how it works and why people are flocking to sites that utilize this tool on their site.

What’s 3D Face Verification?

First off, what is 3D face verification? Basically, this is when you register a 3D scan of your face on a site by using a mobile device. That image will be saved online, and then when you log into your account, you will need to take a quick scan of your face to make sure that it matches up. That way, nobody can get into your account only using a password or some other lesser means of security. As shows steamysnaps one step of protection – is to use paid accounts created to weed out scammers. As technology stands more available to keep personal information in safety more easily with 3D face Verification. A 3D scan is incredibly hard to beat because it’s not as fallible as a regular picture scan or a simple PIN. This verification process can prevent people from gaining access to your valuable, personal information.

How is it works?

The process is set in motion when you sign in to your account. You’ll be prompted to take a picture of your face in good lighting, and then you may also be asked to rotate the camera to take in the full effect of your face. This will take into account any distortions that are seen. Since a person’s face is very unique, it is hard for people to log into your account when you have this setting on a dating service. If your face is accepted, you will be granted access to the profile. If the face doesn’t match, then it will not allow that person access, and it will send a notice to the user’s email that someone is trying to get into their account.

Benefits of technology

There are numerous benefits to implementing this technology in the present day. Here are some of the most popular benefits that come with 3D facial recognition.

  • Safer Dating with 3D Face Verification

3D facial recognition ensures that everyone using the site is safer overall. If you are dating someone and they make threats to you, then the site has their face on file and can forward it to the authority. Since people will know that their face is connected to their dating profile, they’re more likely to be kind to people since they understand that the site knows who they are and can ban them for bad behavior.

  • Safeguarding Against Scams

You’ll find that there are sites with tremendous numbers of fake users and scammers. It’s much harder for them to try to log into multiple accounts to scam people when they can only use their face for a single profile. That will cut down on the number of people trying to scam users out of information and money. They will instead migrate to sites that don’t have these preventative measures in place.

  • Protection From Account Hijacking

The last benefit of using this technology is that it can help with account hijacking. Oftentimes, when people are victims of account hijacking, it’s due to someone getting their password or access to their email account. Neither of those elements will help someone that is trying to get into your account that is locked with 3D face recognition. Unless they have you there to open your account to them, they simply can’t get in, so your account will be secure!

These are the major benefits that come with having 3D face verification on a dating service, but others exist, too.

As you can see, the future of online dating is poised to be safer than ever before. By pushing back against those who want to scam people out of their information or money, sites are ensuring that every customer feels safe. Just take some time to find a site that uses this security method, and you’ll be prepared for any outcome!

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