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Acing the Holiday Video Marketing: a Complete Beginner’s Guide


Video Marketing

As the holiday season rounds up around the corner, so do the erupting ideas to create an engaging holiday video marketing strategy. The reopening post-pandemic world is seemingly hoped to push the numbers of shoppers higher this time. Therefore, strong video marketing could be an essential strategy to attract customers.

According to Wordstream, 80% of holiday shoppers influenced their choices based on the promotions, and the bids had gone up by 140%. Hence, holiday video marketing is a mastering art for generating revenue.

Worried about how to excel on the competitive dais via effective holiday video marketing? Fret not and mop the worries off the floor with these fantastic tips and tricks for a successful holiday video marketing:-

Planning Thy Art

Before you step foot to make a holiday video, you have to be well-aware of the recent updates and standings of the market; it is essential, especially with the threat of ongoing waves of a pandemic:-

Know Your Viewers

It would be best if you had the foresight of who your audience is and how you should narrow down your search. Your content will be dependent on the viewers you will be targeting. The cut, crease, and the entire tailoring of the video would be in-depth and focus on a particular group.

You can, later on, use this data for gaining insights about the audience review as you will be able to dispatch questionnaires based on the hotspot locations of your customers online.

Mapping the Content

Instead of using the same content for all festivities, map the content according to the holidays. It means to separate your ideas for Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. Also, for international reach, be up to date with the holidays around the world so that you can introduce content according to your foreign customers’ liking. It will, therefore, give a boost to your brand.

Lucrative Offers

The holiday season is the time when people buy in bulk for their friends and family as well. A no-discount door would drive them away from your brand. Hence, put up good discounts or display vouchers according to the mood of the festivity. Generally, products sell off more with an add-on product or free offer.

Video Creation

Some of the tips for a willfully attractive video are:-


Your originality should peak from the content you create, as uniqueness will differentiate between two brands. To constitute it, create content-specific content instead of generalized content that is incoherently monotonous.

Also, try to be thematic in your approach. As the content would be mapped out according to specific holidays, the content should be tailored out for such occasions. For example, a Christmas holiday video marketing would be incomplete and non-impactful without contextual Christmas alliterations like Christmas costumes, snow, caps, or bells.

Tip: Create short clips rather than ridiculously long videos as engagement remains from 2 to 9 mins only if the video is satisfactory, according to Wista.

Easy Grasp

Instead of dwelling in the Shakespearean language that makes the teeth fall off, use easy and understandable means to deliver the concept. The easiest of content has witnessed the most success because more people can access and understand the essence. Therefore, it will increase your traffic and grow the number of possible shoppers.

Post-Video Marketing

After the excelling video has been created, its excellence has to be advertised optimally. Resorting to social media platforms is the best way to promote the videos—the way to avail which social media platform also depends on the composition of the target audience.

Target those social media platforms and conduct constructive marketing run-through on all the platforms if possible.


The wave video created for marketing has reportedly driven more shoppers during the yearly holidays than any other time. The quality of the video does comprehend the impact you wish to create over your potential customers because they perceive the entirety of your brand from the clips.

The best option would be to choose an online video creating platform that does dual tasks: provide you with the quality you need and a collaborative platform for various social networking sites to market the video efficiently during post-production.