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All Enclave Faction Vendors In Fallout 76

Dian Zain


Once you’ve completed ‘I am Become Death’, the final quest of the Fallout 76 Enclave faction series, you should have access to all the vendors in the Enclave bunker.

You should check them back often as the Caps will reset about every 24 hours. Below, you can check out for the list of Enclave Faction Vendors you can find in the Enclave Bunker.

  • Medical Wing Terminal, this vendor sells the recipe for antibiotics, Radaway, Stimpack, and other chems.

  • Armory Terminal, this vendor sells plans for weapons and mods for your X-01 Power Armor.

  • Production Terminal sells plenty of stuff but most importantly it sells the Plans of Lining for your Operative Underarmor given to you during One of Us quest that can be modded to give stats.

  • Science Terminal sells specific Mutations, it’s the only way to get specific mutations in Fallout 76. Unlike the mutations you get normally, these mutation serums can suppress the negative effects temporarily.

Read the description from the list below:

MutationPositive EffectNegative Effect
Adrenal Reaction+weapon damage and quick health regen at low HP-50 Max HP
Bird Bones+4 AGI,  Fall from heights more gradual-4 STR
CarnivoreNo disease from meat and 2x bonus to food from eating meat productsEating fruits and vegetables does not satisfy hunger
ChameleonInvisible while unarmored and standing still
Eagle Eyes+25% Critical Damage, +4 PER-4 STR
Egg Head+6 INT=3 STR, –3 END
Electrically ChargedChance to shock melee attackers
EmpathDamage taken by teamsmates –25%Damage taken by player +33%
Grounded+100 Energy Resistance-50% Energy Damage
Healing Factor+300% Health Regen-55% Chem Effects
HerbivoreVegetables provide double benefits and no diseaseEating meat does not satisfy hunger
Herd Mentality+2 to all SPECIAL stats when grouped-2 to all SPECIAL stats when solo
Marsupial+20 carry weight, +jump height-4 INT
Plague WalkerPoison aura scaling with your diseases
Scaly Skin+50 damage and energy resistance-50 AP
Speed Demon+20% movement speed, faster reloadIncreased drain on hunger and thirst
TalonsPunching attacks do 25% more damage, +bleed damage-4 AGI
Twisted Muscles+25% melee damage, better chance to cripple limps-50% gun accuracy
Unstable IsotopeChance to irradiate melee attackers

Those are all the Enclave Faction Vendors you can find in Fallout 76, make sure you won’t miss to check them up to progress your game.

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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