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Destiny 2 – Spider’s Bounty Wanted: Irxis Partisan

Dian Zain


Irxis Partisan is the latest Wanted Bounty from Spider in Destiny 2 and as always, Spider’s bounties always come with the real prize, if you succeed to complete them. This week, Spider asks the Guardians to complete the bounty Wanted: Irxis Partisan.

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The bounty of the Fallen Captain named Irxis Partisan will reward you with a legendary gear and an Enhancement Core. Though it’s not as simple as you thought, but, in this article, I will guide you on how to complete Spider’s Bounty Wanted: Irxis Partisan. Let’s start!

  • Unlock The Bounty

The first thing you need to do is unlock the bounty of course. Visit the Spider at the Tangled Shore, from there, you can purchase any assignments from the Spider using Ghost Fragments, including Wanted: Irxis Partisan.

  • Set a course for the Gulch in the EDZ

Now that the bounty is in your inventory, set a course and travel to the Gulch through EDZ. This is a relatively small area, which located near Firebase Hades and the Sludge, so it will be easy for you to see most of it from a few locations.

  • Bring the Whisper of the Worm

Don’t forget to bring along the Whisper of the Worm, as it will provide you with a great magnification for spotting the target and also you can damage Irxis Partisan from a great distance and ensuring this high-value target isn’t defeated before you can deal damage.

  • Pay attention to the bottom left corner of your screen

Yes, you need to pay attention to the bottom left corner of your screen, because this is where a high-value target message will pop up once Irxis Partisan is on the field. He could pop up just about anywhere in the zone, try to climb up to a spot where you can look down over the area as well.

  • Deal damage as soon as you spot him

Keep in mind that you will be unable to complete and claim this Wanted Bounty if another player has defeated Irxis Partisan first.

  • Return to the Spider

Once you have succeeded to defeat Irxis Partisan, return to the Spider and claim your rewards.

Where to Find Irxis Partisan Wanted Bounty Location?

Irxis Partisan Wanted Bounty can be found in The Gulch region of the European Dead Zone, otherwise known as the EDZ. We discovered him meandering in the focal piece of The Gulch, in the territory loaded with puddles and demolished streets. The issue with Irxis Partisan, and a few other Wanted Bounties, is that he’s a high-esteem target. All in all, you may need to hang tight for him to appear. There’s a higher possibility of him appearing if there’s a public occasion happening close by, or on the off chance that one just wrapped up.

On the off chance that Irxis Partisan isn’t showing up in The Gulch location, you may need to return to circle, and re-visitation of a similar zone. That is the issue with high-esteem targets. When he shows up, the game will advise you. You’ll see the line “A high-esteem target is close by.” That’s your line to begin nosing about. Luckily, Irxis Partisan isn’t at all hard to spot. The region is slithering with Cabal adversaries, yet Irxis is undoubtedly not one of them. His creepy crawly like glances make him stick out in contrast to everything else. Besides, you’re without a doubt to have finished all the adversaries in the zone, disregarding Irxis definitely. Goodness, and he has a yellow wellbeing bar, with the word Wanted before his name.

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With respect to crushing Irxis Partisan, he’s not any more extreme than the normal Wanted Bounty. Puzzle him with projectiles, utilize whatever super you have in the event that you have to; he’ll go down generally effectively enough. That being stated, don’t mess with him as well; he can hurt a ton in the event that he gets you. After you execute Irxis Partisan, gather your plunder, and, in the event that you need, return to Spider for another bounty. Perhaps Silent Fang, for instance.

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Destiny 2: Black Armory is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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