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AMD A6 vs Intel i3: Which is the Best


AMD A6 vs Intel i3

Each spending plan gamer needs a spending processor (CPU) so they can basically play the less illustrations arranged games. That is the reason today I am going to look at the best and the least expensive CPU choices accessible in the market for example AMD A6 vs Intel i3.

A gamer on a careful spending plan needs a CPU that is quick and solid, while still kind with the wallet. For this matchup, we’re contrasting two work area processors that fit the bill: the Intel Core i3 3220 versus the AMD A6 5400K. Which processor will regard the honorable obligation?

Their lone likeness is that they’re both Dual Core; from that point onward, their particulars differ enormously. Beginning with the main CPU, the AMD A6 vs Intel i3 reserve. It packs a HD 2500 GPU, and burns-through an unobtrusive 55W TDP. An extraordinary element is that it’s hyperthreaded, which amplifies utilization of every processor center.

Taking a gander at the benchmarks, the 3220 overwhelmed: it scored 15% better at 3DMark11 material science, 16% better at Geekbench, and an exceptional 30% better at PassMark. With regards to the 5400K in any case, remember that it’s not exactly a large portion of the cost of the 1440P VS 4K. Also, you need to purchase a discrete designs card for the 3220 on the grounds that its coordinated illustrations just will not accomplish for gaming even at low settings.

Taking everything into account, possibly consider the AMD A6 vs Intel i3 in case you’re an amazingly tied gamer. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a sound speculation with future expandability, we suggest the Intel Core i3 3220.

Intel Core i3 10th Gen. latest CPU:

Intel has recently brought its tenth Gen. Center i3 processor to the market. It accompanies man-made consciousness (AI) with 2.5 occasions sped up execution.

Not just that, Intel’s new tenth Gen. AMD A6 vs Intel i3 can have the option to deal with twice of designs than previously and it is additionally 3×faster in remote speed.

Without a doubt, this spending processor can play numerous games with no slacking most shockingly in your financial plan. I have by and by tried Intel i3 with Thunderbolt 3 innovation and attempt to mess around. What’s more, I got stunning outcomes.

I can undoubtedly Play GTA Vice city, Sanandreous, Devil May Cry 4, Assassin Creed Brotherhood, solidarity, honorable obligation present day fighting 2, mass impact entire series, and so forth Generally, you can say that in the wake of having Intel Core i3, you can undoubtedly play the majority of the non-designs arranged games with no illustrations card.

Here are a few particulars of center i3 tenth Gen-

  • Accompany double Core and 4 strings.
  • 4 MB Intel Cache.
  • tenth era.
  • 4.10 GHz Max recurrence.


Actually like Intel center i3 (since the utilization of Pentium is ceaselessly decreasing), A6 is likewise a passage level CPU however from AMD. Since AMD is an intense contender of Intel, so both the organizations attempt to rival one another and A3 is likewise dispatched to rival i3.

The most recent age of A6 is seventh Gen, which is dispatched in 2019. However it’s clock speed is not exactly Intels i3 yet on the off chance that you prohibit that, it is very acceptable than other spending processors particularly for gaming.

Its base clock speed is around 1.8 AMD A6 vs Intel i3 and in the most recent one(9220) you get a great, very much enhanced processor in the spending plan. That, however it additionally upholds DDR4 RAM, which is the most recent and quickest RAM type.

Particulars of AMD A6:

  • Double center with 2 strings.
  • Radeon R5 illustrations.
  • 3.8GHz Max speed.

Discussing the force utilization, it needs just 6 Watt max. ability to run on your PC.

Generally, this is likewise an excellent spending processor and it will be very fascinating to see who wins in AMD a6 vs intel i3 fight.

Who is the winner AMD A6 vs intel i3?

Presently, I am going to straightforwardly look at both the processors in various classes of gaming, an overall client need lastly, I will announce the victor.


I have introduced both the CPUs in my framework and played GTA V, Mass Effect 3, every one of the games I have referenced before and I got this outcome

While I play GTA V with center i3 and with 8GB RAM, I can undoubtedly play it 1366×768 Resolution vs. 1920×1080 Resolution with no sort of slack. Note that I didn’t have utilized any designs card. All the game was running on i3 and I discovered the outcome very noteworthy.

The normal fps I got was around 40-60 fps relying on the spaces. However, simply think, assuming you can play GTA V with this, you can without much of a stretch play any little game (less asset required).

Discussing the Mass Effect 3, I can without much of a stretch keep up with 60+ fps with center i3 which is a great game. Essentially, on the off chance that you pick center i3 with fundamental use you can mess around too.

From that point forward, I have introduced AMD A6 and play similar games with 8GB RAM and no designs card like previously.

In Mass Effect 3, Assassin ideology fellowship I got fps around 40-50 fps. In any case, when I play GTA V I feel a smidgen of slack. However, it is playable.

In this way, as per me, Core i3 can give you preferred execution over AMD A6 vs Intel i3. In any case, stand by there are various factors likewise to say which one you ought to pick.


Presently, the primary class which is the cost. Since you need to pick it in your spending plan so every penny matters.

Check the most recent cost of Intel center i3 from beneath

Check the most recent value AMD A6 from here-

My opinion:

I have tried both the CPUs and I see that center i3 can give more yield (execution) than A6 in everyday utilizations or in gaming. Clearly, you can’t run games in 4K with this CPU yet you can essentially play then in the passage level. In this way, on the off chance that you anticipate execution in the financial plan, kindly go with Intel i3 however in the event that you have a limited spending plan A6 is the most ideal choice accessible for you on the lookout.


Both the CPUs are acceptable yet you can get them as per your motivation.

For the individuals who need great execution (somewhat costly)- Intel center i3.

For the individuals who have a limited financial plan AMD A6.

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