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Atomic Heart – The Boiler Room Puzzle Guide


You will battle a lot of scary robots in Atomic Heart. And to do this, you’ll need to acquire new weapons, enhance your character, and so forth. The Boiler Room problem is one of these, and it can be difficult for players to solve and frustrating to many. However, the game also features a variety of puzzles, many of which are rather challenging. Most of the time, bugs like the Boiler Room challenge make them harder. The Boiler Room Puzzle Guide in Atomic Heart will be explained to you in this article:

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The Boiler Room Puzzle Guide

The Boiler Room challenge, often known as the “Into the Fire” mission, is presented to players by Atomic Heart after they activate the elevators in the Not So Fast, Major task. Players in this challenge encounter three overheated boilers that need to be cooled down with the Fahrenheit dispenser. Get rid of the Lab tech robots that are roving the room so you can concentrate on solving the puzzle without being interrupted.

First, stun them with shock assaults, and then use any weapon you choose to finish them out. Find Fahrenheit—the unique candles in the space—once all other distractions have vanished. The Cryo-Polymer cooling liquid found in these candles can lower boiler temperatures and provide them with a cooling effect.

Using Telekinesis, lift one of the candles and place it into the chute. Every time players place the candle into the chute, there’s a good chance that more tech robots will materialize out of nowhere. But Zvezdochka, or any other formidable weapon, suffices to deal with these troublemakers. Return to the task of inserting candles into the chute after eliminating the bothersome robots.

Boiler 1 Puzzle

Reduce the Fahrenheit till a T-junction is reached. After coming to another intersection, bear right and continue leading the candle until you drop it into the boiler. The first boiler will cool as a result. Reach the second boiler by lifting another candle.

Atomic Heart - The Boiler Room Puzzle Guide

Boiler 2 Puzzle

Atomic Heart - The Boiler Room Puzzle Guide

Guide the second candle down in the same manner as the first, but make a left turn at the first T-junction. Don’t move it; instead, keep guiding it to the left. Finally, insert the candle into boiler 2 by crossing the second T-junction.

Boiler 3 Puzzle

It takes some time for the players to cool down the third boiler, therefore they must use the candle repeatedly. Lower the Fahrenheit until it reaches the first intersection. To solve The Boiler Room puzzle, turn left now and continue steering it in that exact route. After navigating two more T-junctions, drop it into the boiler.


What is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart?

When players eventually find the Zvezdochka formula, they will realize they have struck gold in their search for the greatest melee weapon to utilize throughout Atomic Heart. This heavy-handed melee weapon is an improvement on Snowball.

Is the Railgun worth it Atomic Heart?

Even in casual gameplay, the weapon’s rechargeable feature makes it worthwhile to have around because there isn’t much of a danger while employing its immense power. The Railgun will just keep returning without complaint, in contrast to the Fat Boy, which may stop working without much investigation.

Is the Fatboy good Atomic Heart?

When firing, the Fat Boy is extremely accurate, and the majority of its ammunition is strong enough to disable civilian robotic assistance as well as the most advanced combat robots available today.

Is there romance in Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart doesn’t offer any romantic possibilities. Indeed, the only opportunity we’ll have to get up close and personal with the dreadful duo will be when they’re managers of Atomic Heart in a showdown with Sechenov.

Is the Kalash good in Atomic Heart?

Speaking of weaponry, one of the most used in Atomic Heart is the Kalash AK-47, which has become a huge fan favorite because of its amazing accuracy, devastating damage, and rapid fire rate.

What should I upgrade first Atomic Heart?

It is essential to obtain both of the Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack upgrades as soon as feasible. They will improve the somewhat little amount of inventory space you start with, enabling you to carry more weapons, ammunition, and health packs.