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Atomic Heart – Best Melee Weapons


Players must dodge attacks from enemies left and right in Atomic Heart, an action role-playing game, in order to avoid getting hurt. An axe that you are given at the beginning of Atomic Heart will be your first weapon. One of your main goals from this point on is to discover new weapon recipes so you may make even more potent weapons to use against the hordes of robots you’ll be up against. The finest melee weapon in Atomic Heart will be explained in this article:

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Fox – Melee Weapon

Atomic Heart - Best Melee Weapons

Although the Swede, your first unlocked weapon, might be used here, we believe the Fox is marginally superior in every score. It also helps that shortly after starting the game, you find the Fox’s recipe. The Fox doesn’t have the best base damage, but it does have excellent speed and charge damage. But until you get the Pashtet, it’s a quick weapon that you can wield one-handed, making it a flexible option.

Zezdochka – Melee Weapon

The Zezdochka is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart; there really isn’t a better choice. It strikes like a ton of bricks since it boasts the greatest damage and charged damage of any melee weapon in the game. It charges slowly, but players can upgrade it quickly to increase that stat. The Zezdochka won’t be available to players until much later in the game, but the wait will be worthwhile.

Atomic Heart - Best Melee Weapons

Snowball – Melee Weapon

The Snowball is a crudely constructed weapon consisting of a few blades and a corroded metal pipe. Snowball may transform into a deadly combat weapon that can destroy opponents with a single charged assault, even with its improvised roots.

Atomic Heart - Best Melee Weapons

This mace has certain drawbacks, such as its extremely hefty weight, which causes it to swing slowly. The speed at which many of Atomic Heart’s matches happen could make it challenging for a player to actually land a charged hit on an opponent. Because of this, even if Snowball is a fantastic weapon, there is one melee tool for P-3 that really outperforms it.


What is the most damage weapon in Atomic Heart?

The Zvezdochka, which translates approximately to “star,” is Atomic Heart’s most lethal weapon. Assuming it possesses the Saw Dance charge attack, that is. When fully improved, the Zvezdochka can quickly destroy any adversary.

Who is the hardest enemy in Atomic Heart?

P-3’s first mission introduces her to Sechenov’s “ballerina” twins, the game’s last and most formidable foes. Though their skills differ significantly, both are incredibly nimble and will be challenging to strike with small-arms weapons.

What should I upgrade first Atomic Heart?

All things considered, the weapon improvement known as the Cartridge Gun is the one that gamers should think about obtaining as soon as possible. A slot that enables the user to add various status effects to their weapons can be improved in some guns and melee weapons.

Is the MP good in Atomic Heart?

A lethal weapon that many players choose over shotguns because of its superior damage and fire rate is the Makarov Pistol, or MP. Even without the update, MP has fantastic features that make it an essential tool for any player’s collection.

Does Atomic Heart have 3 endings?

The game Atomic Heart has two possible endings, both of which can be chosen explicitly by the player before to the game’s last boss.