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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Nightsong


In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Gauntlet of Shar contains the solution to the Nightsong quest that occupies a significant portion of the first two acts of the game. One of the most significant and ongoing quest lines in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Nightsong quest. The quest’s resolution is up to you, and your decisions along the way will have important effects on the tale.

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Where to Find the Nightsong?

After completing the Gauntlet of Shar, you will be able to enter the Shadowfell and learn the truth: the Nightsong is not an artifact, but a living being. Thorm’s immortality stems from a spell put on the aasimar Dame Aylin, who has been captured.

If you save her instead of letting Shadowheart kill her, she’ll stay with you and your group through the end of Act 2 and into Act 3 (if she makes it that far). You can then investigate the reward for “finding” the Nightsong once you’ve arrived at Baldur’s Gate.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Nightsong

When you reach Lower City, return to Aylin if he is still there by going to Sorcerous Sundries (X:-8, Y:-76). It is highly recommended that you lie to him and tell him you are familiar with the Nightsong. I didn’t see any immediate ramifications for telling Aylin and promptly telling him off, but hey, you don’t need more enemies right now.

Keep Rolan alive till now, and you’ll run across a familiar figure behind the counter. He will play a pivotal role in our quest later on, but for now he simply shows us the way to Lorroakan’s quarters upstairs.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Nightsong

An optical illusion equipped with a robocall-like system would appear at the top and demand to know our purpose for being here. As a sort of “check” to see if you have the Nightsong, Lorroakan will activate multiple portals when you mention it. The Nightsong’s potential identities are described on each portal; the blue gateway suggests the Nightsong is the immortal offspring of a god.

In exchange for helping Lorroakan re-incarcerate the Nightsong for his personal advantage, he will meet you inside and offer you a boatload of wealth. Easy to understand, albeit also rather malicious.

How to Find the Nightsong?

The Find the Nightsong quest line is available early on in the game. It was unusual for an early-access quest to appear to have no clear resolution. The ultimate destination of this quest chain has been known ever since the complete game was made available. Prepare to sink a lot of time into this questline since it spans a wide variety of locations and individuals.

The Nightsong has a significant role to play in the story’s conclusion, particularly in relation to one Elven member of your group. Major choices concerning this individual and their relationship to the Nightsong will arise near the end of the mission. But we can’t skip ahead to the climax; we need to go back to Act One first.

Act One

Speaking with Liam in the Druid Grove at the start of Act One will kick off the “Find the Nightsong” quest. If you strike up a conversation with him, he’ll spill the beans about the wealthy wizard in Baldur’s Gate who’s offering a bundle to whoever delivers him the Nightsong. From here on forth, the quest moves along at a snail’s pace, popping up in various places throughout the main narrative.

The next step in this quest is to visit the Goblin Camp. You find out that the Nightsong is being held in the lowest part of the Goblin Camp, known as the Defiled Ruins. When you have vanquished Priestess Gut, you can continue exploring the remains and encounter her guard. Find a way to appease, convince, or sidestep the ogre to explore the area’s lower levels.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Nightsong

If you keep walking, you’ll reach a dead end marked with a strange symbol. The sign can be reassembled by rotating its parts into the correct arrangement. You’ll need to dig through Priestess Gut’s belongings to uncover the true pattern, but we’ve laid out a simplified version for you to follow in order to finish the puzzle quickly.

Once you’ve figured out the problem, the entrance in the ceiling (indicated by the white paving) will slide open, revealing the Underworld below. This vast subterranean passageway must be traversed before you can reach the Grymforge. If you ask around town, you’ll find that the Nightsong’s trail has gone cold. The first act of this quest has concluded, but the adventure will continue in Act Two.

Act Two

Once you have made it across the Shadow-cursed areas to safety, the main tale of Finding the Nightsong will continue. The Nightsong is absent for the most of Act 2, but you will find key artifacts that will be required to reach her later on. Thorm Mausoleum can be seen a short distance south of the Last Light Inn.

If you continue exploring the crypt, you’ll reach the Gauntlet of Shar and have your first confrontation with the Nightsong. However, getting to the end is difficult since you have to solve a number of puzzles along the way. In order to get access to the location where the Nightsong is waiting, you must first complete a series of puzzles and defeat a huge boss.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Complete Find the Nightsong

Before reaching here, we recommend having Shadowheart and Astarion in your active party. The former is essential due to the conclusion of her own quest, while the latter will be of great assistance when it comes to neutralizing any traps she may encounter. Upon defeating the gauntlet’s last monster, Balthazar, you will be confronted by the Nightsong and must pick a choice.


Should I tell Aradin I found the Nightsong?

You have the option of telling the truth to Aradin or lying to him about locating Nightsong. Since he is the one who provided you with the contract, he would want payment in exchange for his services. You can go inside without bothering Aradin, who will simply step aside.

How do you release Nightsong?

Putting your faith in her and touching her will do the trick. There is no gimmick involved. Just release her off the roof. Only if Shadowheart is part of your party will things get tricky.

Should I save the Nightsong?

Keeping the Nightsong alive has no obvious drawbacks. She will give Shadowheart a formidable spear and aid you in your battle against Ketheric Thorm, the Act 2 final boss.

Can you save the girl in the pod Baldur’s Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you must locate a nearby Eldritch Rune in order to save Shadowheart. You can utilize this by inserting it into the console near her mind flayer pod and using it to rescue Shadowheart.