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A new HUD design for the portable edition of VALORANT has been leaked


Mobile players now have the opportunity to observe the HUD that is going to be included in VALORANT’s mobile app, thanks to the disclosure of photos that were stolen from VALORANT’s servers and spread over social media this week. The VALORANT leaker ValorLeaks took to Twitter in order to share what they called a “brief peek” of the mobile game. From what we can see, the mobile game is going to be rather remarkable. A look at Sova’s armoury, complete with her dart, can be seen in this screenshot. The hacked HUD seems to have all of the game elements that are necessary for VALORANT to work properly and for you to feel the exhilaration that comes from pulling off a game-winning clutch. This is required so that you may experience the thrill of playing a game that you win.

Also, it shows the map Ascent, which leads one to believe that we will have access to the same variety of maps within the application, despite the fact that the developer has not yet offered confirmation of this particular piece of information.

ValorLeaks noted that the portable map has “more intricate options that do exist,” which leads one to infer that the newly disclosed VALORANT app would have some kind of a customizing component. This statement was made in addition to the image that was provided. You will have the freedom to rearrange the buttons in whichever order you believe will be the most beneficial for the specific game that you are currently engaging in at this very moment. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that it won’t be enough to dissuade any of our adversaries from coming after us.

The mobile app has not yet been given its official release date, but players will soon be able to tap heads and plant the spike as they are moving around. The date has not yet been confirmed. The date has not yet been made public in an official capacity. We are going to find ourselves in a position where we won’t have a choice but to postpone our celebrations until the gods of the Riot bestow upon us a time and day to do so. In other words, we won’t have a choice.