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Best Beastmaster Build in Last Epoch


Last Epoch, a sprawling action RPG, offers players the chance to dive into a world of ancient powers and formidable foes. Among its diverse classes, the Beastmaster stands out as a master of creatures, commanding minions and primal forces to vanquish enemies. In this article, we delve into crafting the ultimate Beastmaster build, maximizing its potential for dominance in the world of Last Epoch.

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Understanding the Beastmaster’s Core Mechanics

Central to the Beastmaster’s gameplay is the concept of pet management. Unlike traditional RPG classes that rely solely on their own abilities, the Beastmaster excels at summoning and controlling minions to do their bidding. These minions come in various forms, from ferocious wolves and hulking bears to ethereal spirits and elemental constructs.

Each minion possesses its own unique set of abilities and attributes, making them valuable assets in combat. Wolves, for example, excel at swift melee attacks and can inflict bleeding on their targets, while bears boast formidable tanking capabilities and can soak up damage on behalf of their master. By strategically summoning and positioning their minions, Beastmasters can control the flow of battle and overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers and firepower.

In addition to summoning minions, the Beastmaster also has access to a range of supportive skills and abilities. These include buffs that enhance the performance of their minions, debuffs that weaken enemies, and crowd control effects that disrupt enemy formations. By utilizing these skills in conjunction with their minions, Beastmasters can create devastating combos and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Harnessing the Power of Primalist Passives

The Primalist skill tree serves as the backbone of the Beastmaster’s build, offering a wide array of passive abilities that augment their strength and resilience. These passives are divided into several categories, each focusing on a different aspect of the Beastmaster’s gameplay, such as minion damage, survivability, and elemental mastery.

One of the key passives for Beastmasters is “Beastmaster’s Bond,” which increases the damage and health of summoned minions. By investing points into this passive, players can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their minions in combat, allowing them to deal more damage and withstand greater punishment from enemies.

Another important passive is “Nature’s Protection,” which increases the Beastmaster’s resistances to elemental damage. This passive not only improves the Beastmaster’s survivability but also benefits their minions, who often find themselves on the front lines of battle.

Additionally, passives like “Primal Strength” and “Rabid Pack” further bolster the Beastmaster’s offensive capabilities, increasing their damage output and attack speed. By carefully selecting and prioritizing these passives, players can tailor their Beastmaster build to suit their preferred playstyle, whether it’s focusing on summoning minions, dealing elemental damage, or supporting their allies in battle.

Mastering Minion Synergy

One of the hallmarks of a successful Beastmaster build is the ability to leverage minion synergy to devastating effect. By carefully selecting and summoning minions with complementary abilities, players can create powerful combos that amplify their effectiveness in combat.

For example, pairing wolves with bleed-based attacks with totems that increase bleed damage can create a synergy that overwhelms enemies with stacking damage over time effects. Similarly, summoning bears alongside elemental spirits that provide buffs can create a formidable frontline that is both resilient and deadly.

In addition to synergizing with each other, minions can also benefit from the Beastmaster’s own abilities and passives. Skills like “Call of the Pack” can provide buffs to all summoned minions, while passives like “Master of the Hunt” can increase their damage output even further. By mastering minion synergy, Beastmasters can unlock the full potential of their minions and unleash devastating combos that decimate their enemies with ease.

Optimizing Gear for Beastmaster Dominance

Gear selection plays a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of a Beastmaster build. By equipping items that enhance minion stats, increase elemental damage, and boost survivability, players can significantly augment their power on the battlefield. One of the most important pieces of gear for a Beastmaster is their weapon. Weapons that provide bonuses to minion damage or summoning speed are ideal for maximizing the effectiveness of their minions in combat.

Best Beastmaster Build in Last Epoch

Additionally, weapons that grant elemental damage bonuses can further augment the Beastmaster’s offensive capabilities. Armor is another key consideration for Beastmasters, as it provides much-needed protection against enemy attacks. Items that increase resistances to elemental damage or provide bonuses to health and armor are particularly valuable for Beastmasters who find themselves at the forefront of battle alongside their minions.

Accessories such as rings and amulets can also provide significant bonuses to a Beastmaster’s build. Items that grant bonuses to minion stats, increase elemental damage, or provide defensive bonuses are all valuable options for Beastmasters looking to optimize their gear. By carefully selecting and equipping gear that complements their playstyle, Beastmasters can ensure that they are always at the top of their game on the battlefield.

Exploring Skill Specializations

Last Epoch offers a wide variety of skills for Beastmasters to utilize in combat, each with its own unique strengths and abilities. By exploring different skill specializations and augmentations, players can tailor their Beastmaster build to suit their preferred playstyle and strategy.

One of the key skills for Beastmasters is Summon Wolf, which summons a pack of wolves to aid them in battle. By investing points into different skill specializations, players can enhance the wolves’ abilities in various ways. For example, the “Bloodthirsty” specialization increases the wolves’ attack speed and damage, while the “Pack Mentality” specialization provides bonuses to the player’s stats based on the number of wolves summoned.

Another important skill for Beastmasters is Thorn Totem, which summons a stationary totem that deals damage to nearby enemies over time. By selecting different skill augmentations, players can customize the totem’s abilities to suit their needs. For example, the “Primal Attunement” augmentation increases the totem’s damage and allows it to apply elemental ailments to enemies, while the “Thorn Shield” augmentation grants the totem additional defensive capabilities.

By experimenting with different skill specializations and augmentations, players can discover powerful combinations that synergize with their chosen playstyle and strategy, allowing them to unleash the full potential of their Beastmaster build on the battlefield.

Navigating the Endgame

As players progress through Last Epoch’s endgame content, they will encounter increasingly challenging foes and environments that test their skills and strategies to the limit. A well-crafted Beastmaster build excels in navigating these trials, thanks to its versatile toolkit and formidable minions. In the Monolith of Fate, players must navigate a series of randomized dungeons filled with powerful enemies and deadly traps.

A Beastmaster build optimized for survivability and crowd control can excel in this environment, using their minions to distract enemies while they unleash devastating attacks from a safe distance. In the Arena, players face off against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, culminating in epic boss battles that push their skills to the limit. A Beastmaster build focused on maximizing damage output and minion synergy can thrive in this environment, overwhelming enemies with sheer numbers and firepower.

In the Echoes of the Atlas, players must confront powerful bosses and conquer challenging endgame content to earn valuable rewards and unlock new challenges. A Beastmaster build that combines survivability with burst damage can excel in this environment, quickly dispatching enemies and emerging victorious in the face of overwhelming odds. By mastering the intricacies of their Beastmaster build and adapting their strategies to the challenges of the endgame, players can conquer even the most formidable foes and emerge victorious in the world of Last Epoch.

Fine-Tuning Your Beastmaster Build

No Beastmaster build is complete without continual refinement and optimization. As players experiment with different skills, passives, and gear combinations, they will uncover new strategies and synergies that further enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. One of the key aspects of fine-tuning a Beastmaster build is experimenting with different skill specializations and augmentations to find the optimal combination for your playstyle.

Best Beastmaster Build in Last Epoch

By trying out different skills and abilities, players can discover powerful combos and synergies that maximize their damage output and survivability in combat. Another important aspect of fine-tuning a Beastmaster build is optimizing gear selection to complement your chosen playstyle. By equipping items that provide bonuses to minion stats, increase elemental damage, and boost survivability, players can ensure that they are always at the top of their game on the battlefield.

Additionally, fine-tuning a Beastmaster build also involves constantly evaluating and adjusting your strategy based on the challenges you encounter in the game. By adapting your tactics to the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies, you can ensure that your Beastmaster build remains effective in any situation. By staying adaptable and open to change, players can ensure that their Beastmaster build remains at the pinnacle of power in the ever-evolving world of Last Epoch.


What is the optimal minion composition for a Beastmaster build?

The optimal minion composition for a Beastmaster build largely depends on your playstyle and preferred strategy. However, a balanced approach often includes a mix of wolves for damage output, bears for tanking, and elemental spirits for support and crowd control.

How important is gear selection for a Beastmaster build?

Gear selection is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of a Beastmaster build. Equipping items that boost minion stats, increase elemental damage, and enhance survivability can significantly augment your power on the battlefield.

What are some recommended skill specializations for a Beastmaster build?

Recommended skill specializations for a Beastmaster build vary depending on your preferred playstyle. However, some popular choices include investing in Summon Wolf for increased damage output, Thorn Totem for crowd control, and various passive abilities that enhance minion performance.


In conclusion, mastering the art of the Beastmaster in Last Epoch is a journey filled with excitement, challenge, and discovery. By understanding the core mechanics, harnessing the power of passives, and mastering minion synergy, players can forge a build that commands the very forces of nature. With dedication and perseverance, players can unlock the true potential of the Beastmaster class and emerge as unstoppable forces on the battlefield.