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Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3: Top 5 Picks (2021)


How about we see what the best motherboards with thunderbolt 3 accessible in the market in 2020 are. We have assessed great motherboards with thunderclap 3 to assist you with picking the best. Finding a viable thunderclap 3 motherboard is the main cycle when you are building your fantasy PC. It viable processor you can without much of a stretch introduce on your construct PC.

With a great deal of choices to browse, exceptionally with the most recent expansion of Intel tenth Gen motherboards, it tends to be very testing to choose the best thunderclap motherboard according to your necessities. In this purchasing guide, we have shortlisted the best motherboards with thunderbolt 3 help, which will help you support the throughput of your PC.

The occasion bargains shopping season has arrived and that implies you should have the option to discover great arrangements on motherboards and different segments. Regardless of whether you’re after extraordinary compared to other AMD B550 motherboards, the best X570 motherboards, or a am4 motherboard with thunderbolt 3 for your Intel-based form, you should watch out for our Cyber Monday Tech and PC Hardware Deals page.

5 Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3


This is unquestionably the most acclaimed motherboard with Thunderbolt 3 port out there. On the off chance that you are building an Intel based framework, at that point there are high possibilities that this will be your go to decision in the event that you need the Thunderbolt 3.0.

The main thing that numerous experts would adore is that not normal for a large portion of the MOBOs out there, this doesn’t provide food explicitly to the gamers. Indeed, this is extraordinarily advertised toward planners, designers and makers.

Regardless of whether you are sound specialist, video creator, 3D fashioner, city originator this is a motherboard for you. This motherboard effectively suggests the utilization of NVIDIA Quadro designs card that are what could be compared to the NVIDIA GeForce cards yet for designing use case, drifting point activity and plenty of other specific expert applications.

Other than the Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 this offers a lot of sweet highlights.

2. ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe II X299 Motherboard LGA2066


This is a premium motherboard that is staggeringly costly, offers incomparable expandability, and is in a real sense worked for extraordinary usefulness.

It doesn’t offer one yet two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports with every Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 having the ability to daisy chain with upto six gadgets all at once.

ASUS Prime X299 is worked for Intel X arrangement processor fundamentally found among the Core i9 arrangement processor and by and large among those with the LGA2066 processors.

The processor and the motherboard alone would cost you a fortune and thusly, this is past the utilization of simple expert gamers.

This motherboard would be profoundly significant for craftsmen, movie producers, AI planners and for logical use. Essentially, this motherboard is worked for workstation PCs.

It bolsters a limit of 256 GB of DDR 4 RAM. The most extreme relies on the processor you decide to introduce. For instance, the Intel Core i9-10900X backings the limit of 256 GB DDR4 RAM though, the Intel Core i9-9900X backings just 128 (half so much).

3. ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming

This has, pass on, one of the most wonderful incentive on the lookout and all things considered, this is the least expensive motherboard with Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 on the lookout.

This motherboard is intended for the AMD AM4 attachment and it bolsters all the processors from the AMD Ryzen 2 and Ryzen 3 arrangement. It doesn’t uphold Ryzen 1

ASRock X570 ITX/TB3 fundamentally includes the AMD X570 chipset that brags the uncommon PCIe 4 convention. Convectional motherboards utilize the PCI-e 3.0 spaces.

Other than that, it offers plenty of help for availability and development including 64 GB of max RAM uphold, M.2 space for SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 just as ready VEGA illustrations that has the ability to run the implicit HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.4.


In the event that you are searching at a sensibly cost Full ATX motherboard including LGA1200 attachment for the most recent tenth gen Intel processors then you can investigate this.

This is an ASUS motherboard from the popular ProArt arrangement cooked explicitly towards makers. You may have seen their shocking showcases for originators and experts.

This motherboards accompanies a lot of streamlining programming to assist you with your work. The AI overclocking programming causes you screen the vitals of the framework and the AI cooling helps in advancing the temperature.

Obviously the genuine trademark highlight of this motherboard is that it can uphold the most recent Intel processor. Likewise being a Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3, it highlights 3 PCIe X16 openings working in 16x,0x,4x/8x,8x,4x mode relying on the number of illustrations cards you introduce.

5. MSI MEG Z490I Unify Gaming Motherboard

On the off chance that you are fanatic of MINI ITX motherboards however need a choice equipped for supporting the most recent intel processors then we suggest this motherboard.

This motherboard is like the ASRock X570 ITX/TB3 Phantom Gaming seen above regarding size and characteristics, notwithstanding, while the ASRock X570 ITX/TB3 Phantom Gaming was worked for AM4 attachment, this motherboards fueature the Intel LGA1200 attachment.

Consequently you can introduce the most recent tenth gen intel processors on this. Subsequently on the off chance that you are a reduced Intel worked with the most recent processor, at that point this is the best motherboards with thunderbolt 3.


GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme is the Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 you can purchase in 2020. It’s an E-ATX board that underpins the most recent tenth gen Intel processors, 10GbE LAN, Wi-Fi 6, and a lot of development openings. You can assemble a ground-breaking PC for gaming, streaming, content creation, and additionally requesting assignments. Simply try to combine it with the correct segments.

GIGABYTE incorporates an imaginative sound connector, ESSential USB DAC, that permits you to get to premium sound quality from the front board. It has a USB-C port for interfacing with the motherboard and 3.5mm sound yield for headsets. Exciting that you can utilize this compact DAC with USB-C other empowered media gadgets, for example, telephones and workstations.

7. ASUS Prime Z370-A

The ASUS Prime Z370-An II is the least expensive motherboard to help Thunderbolt Asus joins phenomenal specs, including double M.2, a full PCIe x16 space, vivid sound, strong cooling, and Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 of every a reasonable sticker price.

ASUS Prime Z370-An II boats with a LGA 1151 attachment, which underpins eighth and ninth era Intel Core processors. Asus use Dr. MOS and ProCool power connectors in the PSU to give productive capacity to the requesting Intel processors.


The X299 DESIGNARE E is the ideal Thunderbolt 3 motherboard for gaming devotees. This Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 highlights RGB Fusion, triple M.2, super tough form quality. Dual Intel GbE LAN gaming organization, and 3-way designs uphold.

This motherboard highlights the LGA 2066 attachment, which bolsters the most recent Intel Core X processors. Center X-arrangement burn-through a ton of intensity yet give the best execution, and can take on any AAA game when combined with a ground-breaking GPU.

To give strong capacity to the motherboard, the X299 DESIGNARE EX uses an advanced force plan with brilliant force stage regulators. This computerized power innovation brings about exact force designation to the CPU and different segments inside the motherboard.

9. MSI Motherboards MEG X299

MSI is one of the organizations that produce very good quality motherboards. The MEG X299 Creation motherboard is one of the MSI motherboards to include Thunderbolt 3 innovation.

The board doesn’t accompany inbuilt Thunderbolt 3. Notwithstanding, MSI utilizes a ThunderboltM3 include card to give Tb3 highlights. You need to refresh the BIOS to get to the full Thunderbolt 3 highlights.

It is a decent board that accompanies a LGA 2066 attachment which acknowledges the most recent Intel Core X-arrangement processors.

The advanced force configuration underpins various centers and overclocking capacities. A triple 8 Pin PSU gives a sufficient force supply to run the multi-center processor. As far as execution, this motherboard is on a standard with the other premium Thunderbolt 3 motherboards.

10. MSI X570-A PRO ATX

The MSI X570-A PRO Motherboard is another phenomenal item from MSI. As we stated, they Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 spend significant time in top of the line producing motherboards. The motherboard can uphold the second and third Gen AMD Ryzen for AM4 attachment.

You can deal with it for delayed hours because of the Frozr Heatsink Design and Core help. The sound assistance 4 offers gamers superb sound quality and a vivid encounter when gaming.

The motherboard likewise has the lightning Gen 4 PCI-E to have the option to move documents rapidly.


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