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Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe 


Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe

Are you here to look at the Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe, it is time to look at European property and pick again some of the top and best places to invest in real estate. So, in this article, we will discuss some popular places like France, Portugal, and Spain. After that, there will be many more places with the opportunity of investment in real estate in Europe. 

There are some things you have to remember always when you are going to buy property overseas. Always take professional advice from whom you have trust in real estate. The person should be a legal and financial expert. The trusted partners will also guide you with all steps of the way. So, you make the right decision in your investments. 

List of the best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe:


Following are the two benefits of buying your property in Portugal

  • The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Tax Programme

Portugal has become one of the best places in 10 years of the nonhabitual resident (NHR) tax program. The NHR program is a 10-year tax regime for foreign people who live in Portugal whether temporarily or temporarily. The investment is not required for this and also it was created with the motive of attraction. It also also has the high net worth of individuals to Portugal. The employment and business of Portuguese, the value of tax increased and the income tax rate to direct 20%. The source of income from any other side work is taxed at normal rates. The income from foreign-sourced is xempt. Mostly it includes pensions. It means that there is no need to pay the tax of pension for the upcoming next 10 years.

  • Golden Visa

The second benefit for international buyers is the Golden Visa which is also known as the Residence Permit Program. In Europe, it is one of the most famous property schemes. In this program, they offer residency to non-EU-based property purchasers. It is when they invest €350,000 in an older existing property that needs renovation or €500,000 elsewhere. In return for their investment, the applicants can get a residency permit for a family which also includes dependent children. After every two year, the Golden Visa is renewable as long as the visa holder live two years in the country. When Portuguese spend 5 years they can apply for a permanent residence when all other legal requirements are complete. 

  • Algarve, Portugal

One of the best beach and golf destinations of Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe is in Algarve. It HAS the most beautiful beaches of the whole world, specially from Lagos to Sagres in the western side of Algarve.

‘The distance of coast west of Lagos is as far as Aljezur. It passes through Sagres which remains one of the least spoiled parts of the Algarve. More than 60 percent of the area is covered with nature. It makes it very attractive and beautiful place. It is the best place for you to buy second home for yourself or you can invest in a property in Algarve in best rates. 

The first city of Portugal is known as Lagos. This city joins the movement which is named as slow city. The reason for choosing this name is that because it calls us in a proper rhythm for personal and wellbeing. Also, for social environment and environmental development. 

The city gives all the benefits that are necessary and attract investors. It also attracts tourist for nature, sports golf, leisure and beaches. 


The Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe is Spain. As international buyers are making 15% in the property market. According to the survey of the AnyVan website, this country ranked up to the top number in the international Dream Move. The population living in Spain is 300,000 over 1.3 million Britons who lives in Europe.  

The top property in Europe is Barcelona. Spain is a very popular city of it. In 2019 the first Barcelona London Day starts the promotion of real estate investment in the capital of Catalan. The benefit which makes Barcelona one of the best places for property in Europe is the Spanish property insight websites.  This strong demand for the property is from international buyers. It include French, German, American, and Chinese purchasers. The most entire properties are in the city center.

The people of this city always try to focus on the international investors. And also on the people who move for employment in this city or for adventure to enjoy its culture, cuisines, sports, and its excellent art.   

  • Valencia victorious in property resale market of Spain

So when it comes to Valencia, it is a very beautiful place. Valencia leads to the property of resale ranking in Spain, said by international agents, Engel, and Volker. After Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is Spain’s 3rd largest city after with around 800,000 inhabitants and, like many other major Spanish cities. Valencia is also well-known for its arts, culture, and sports. The College of Property Registrars of Spain reported that Valencia accounted for 24.1% of foreign property that was purchased during Q3. This is the common fact that underlines that Valencia is one of the upcoming regions. It is after the Balearics and Canaries, and also this will be very popular locations for international buyers in coming years. 

The families here tend to prefer to buy luxury houses with several bedrooms. The central district of L’Eixample is the example, which is one of the city’s most expensive locations. The prices here are reaching €2,409 per square meter during Q3 of 2020 and will increase in 2022 with much higher rates. The coastal districts of Patacona, Cabanyal-Canyamelar, and Malvarossa have become highly desirable over the last some years among the purchasers. The property prices also have the predictable rising in a result.

There are very large villas and freehold apartments which have modern styles. You can found them directly on the coast or with sea views. And the prices are averaged at €3,158 per square meter during the first quarter of 2022. The buyers abroad account for round about 35% of sales of the property in Valencia. With the most hailing from France, Russia, the UK , and Italy. The rich investors abroad are commonly interested and want to invest in villas and apartments for their personal use as second homes.

  • Montuiri, Mallorca

The one of the highest regions according to investment out of view is in the Mediterranean known as Balearic Island. You can also own a holiday home. to invest and own a holiday home. The managing director Engel & Völkers Mallorca Southwest named as Hans Lenz explains that this year has seen an unpredictable demand for real estate in Mallorca. It is where Engel & Völkers owned  19 property shops personally. 

‘In his history of 30 years the company is on track to beat all previous sales records for the first time,’ he explains. ‘Mallorca offers his people a good variety of landscapes from the Sierra Tramuntana, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are sandy beaches along the southwest, south, east and north east coastlines. 

There is one secret hotspot in Montuiri, which is Andrea Berchtold. The Executive Manager & Partner at Luxury Estates Mallorca or the Christies International Real Estate, says ‘The neighbouring of Montuiri are set apart by dry stone walls. And wide cultivated fields and a tranquil picturesque landscape increases its value. 

In the area of its surroundings there are a lot of large finca properties, some of them are used as holidays home. But many of them are used as permanent residences. The Montuiri village offers you everything according to your need. And there are many weekly markets around the villages where you can also get stock of local products. 

‘The central part of Montuiri is an ideal base because you can get to all parts of Mallorca in only an hour. You can reach to the Palma airport only in 20 minutes and the city of Palma is more than 5 minutes away from the airport. If you want to go to the beaches of south and north, you can get there only in 30 minutes.’

  • Marbella, Spain

When you want to visit the best microclimate in Europe with 320 sunny days in a year, you can go to the Costa del Sol. It has the high quality and currently new style infrastructure with beautiful beach clubs, highest level of health care and international schools for your kids. These facilities make it one of the best places to invest in a second home in Europe.

‘Marbella got the experience the 22% increased in the sales so far in 2021 and expect to increase it by double in 2022. The Head of International Residential named as Mark Harvey confirmed it. He says that people will go to invest in Spain, Marbella for the second home or a permanent home in 2022. This will happen because this city has many opportunities to offer. Indeed, they have many professions from which people can work from any part of the world. Some people will also prioritise this city because of good health and wellness. On the top of Marbella, there are golf courses, marinas amd tennis academies.

The Managing Director Engel & Völkers Marbella named as Smadar Kahana expands that Marbella and the Costa del Sol have been trying to attract the international buyers for many years. They will get success for attracting buyers and investors in 2022. The population of Marbella is a mixture of many nationalities.

What are the best areas to invest in Marbella?

Many people ask this question that where we can invest in Marbella. So the most beautiful area with all kind of facilities are Golden Mile, Puerto Banus, Sierra Blanca and Guadalmina. These areas have higher rates and a great place for the investments.



  • Property prices peak in Paris

The prices of property in Paris were still growing rapidly through 2022. The average prices for older apartments recently were in Q1 of 2020 €10,460 per square meter. The property with Luxury search specialist, Home Hunts says that there are four locations that are most sought after.

  1. They are the Golden Triangle (in the 8th and 16th arrondissement)
  2. The Left Bank in the 6th and 7tharrondissements
  3. The 18th and 17th arrondissements near Monceau Park
  4. Le Marais in the 4th.

Director Tim Swannie explains The Golden Triangle is the best location which is close to famous monuments and museums, parks, shops, and famous restaurants. The top priority of the clients who are going to invest their money is the security of the place. And after that, they want famous and great restaurants, good lifestyles and shopping malls. Short and long-term investments are particularly what we saw near Monceau park. North of the Arc de Triumph, between the 8th and 17th arrondissements and properties with views over the park are the most desirable.

This type of area often attracts families because they have excellent international schools for their kids. Moreover, the friendly upmarket community is also a big factor here. There is another popular and good option is The Marais, which is in between the Bastille memorial and the Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe. People believe that Marais is a welcoming and fashionable area with excellent shopping. There are chic bars and restaurants and a lively arts scene, and properties here are a savvy investment. The Agents of Paris are sure about the prices of property will increase in 2022. Because they see significant growth in 2020 and 2021 also by 3.5%.

  • St Emilion, France

As we all know that villages have some different type of beauty. St Emilion is a stunning medieval village which is surrounded by some of the most highly regarded vineyards of the whole world. The picturesque town is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also boasts charming cobbled streets and bucolic of bucolic. 

It is also along with great access. Bordeaux airport is only 45 minutes away and the TGV rail service at Libourne is only 15 minutes away. St Emilion has magnificent restaurant choices and some of the excellent croissants you will ever buy,’  said by Anthony Mackle. He is the Agent Commercial at Maxwell-Baynes / Christie’s International Real Estate. The beach is in the west are 90 minutes away. And you can also enjoy the ski slopes if you go at the right time which is only 2 hours to the South. So, this place offers you a good lifestyle choice.

In the areas which are somehow local you can enjoy bicycle tours, walking tours, wine tours, and subterranean cave tours. Moreover, there are cultural music events, jazz festivals which are offering the very best of the south of France.


Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe

Only in four to five hours, Cyprus is reachable from either London, Moscow, or Dubai. People have easy access; it is obvious appeal lies in the fact that it is also known as Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe sunniest island. The Marketing and Sales Director Mateo Leko from Londa Residences says: we are offering the biggest port on the island. Limassol is the great destination which offers the best of cosmopolitan lifestyle. And also has a rich history and old-world charm. It has a lively center which includes the good restaurants, bars, boutiques, and the acclaimed Limassol Marina.

It has a dedicated cohort of discerning guests returning year after year, which are seduced by Limassol’s coastline location and boutique offering. There is no surprising fact that there is high demand for properties in the area because of all the good qualities. 


Health and wellbeing destinations are very important for any human being. Davos is becoming becoming more popular as we get more awareness of the importance of nature for our lives. 

Davos has become fashionable and modern from the 1950s. The reason is its high attitude wellness resort. There was a German Physician named Alexander Spengler who visited Davos. Very soon the visitors started to take flight as the sample of the distinctive microclimate of the Alps’ highest town.

It is a good idea to invest your money in Davos because now it is becoming popular all year round in 2021. And might become the hottest destination in 2022. It is becoming more prominent in the community of travelers who are seeking unspoiled landscapes for their good journeys. Most people visit here for the clean and pure air and get the opportunity to check out the beauty that this destination is offering.  

The reality of investments in real estate of Europe

We had discussed the many best places in which you can invest in Europe in 2022. Now, we will talk about some of the realities of real estate investments in this place. 

It is an expensive place to invest and also the yields are not much high. The real estate, however, offers you cash yields and also a net income for a few percentages. The other assets to zero interest are also offered in comparison to high returns. But it is also harmful when the prices of property decrease by ECB policy.  

Where the market price of the Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe, there is also a chance of emerging markets that can be in trouble with the growth rates decline. There can be a low commodity, turmoil, and volatility in currencies. When emerging markets turn, the rich investors start to turn to Europe.

Risky and stable real estate: where are the best places to invest in real estate?

Now we will discuss some other risky versus stable real estate factors, to invest in real estate. 

On one hand, we can see some of the difficulties in established property markets we hardly saw any crisis. On the other hand, the main capitals of Europe such as London and Paris which are considered as a havens for real estate. The UK, France, and Germany are examples that can be built in the investment of bulk volume that accounts for 70% of transactions in 2016-17. Some of the neighboring countries in the south and north has a volatile market earlier but they are experiencing growth in recent years. 

  • Property in the UK

The UK has some of the threat of Brexit uncertainty, but London is continuing to experience strong demand and great competition for its best stock. The projects of Rail such as Crossrail and HS2 are prime to increased investment into areas such as Birmingham, Essex, and Berkshire. Manchester and the North East region are also profiting from projects of million-pound investment. 

  • Investing in France

In France, Paris starts to attract strong and rich investors and also offers 3 to 4% of rental yields. In 2022 the Olympics and Grand Paris are currently having the best and largest transport and infrastructure in Europe. Things are also expected to be so strong on the horizon. Further more the south, Lyon is encountering strong economic growth. They have job opportunities which are generating demand for properties.

  • Real estate in Germany

Most people now consider that Germany will be one of the best countries for investment in 2022. The common cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich are becoming the top-ten lists of best places to invest in real estate. The rents of these four cities will likely increase between 6-7% by 2022.

What is the cheapest country in Europe to buy a property?

You might want to Best places to invest in real estate in 2022 in Europe or like to own a second destination home in Europe but you have a low budget. There is still a chance for you to own a beautiful place at a very affordable and reasonable price. You can look for the modest price market like Bulgaria, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, and Lithuania.