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Best Studio Headphones for Gaming For 2021


Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

Open-back Best Studio Headphones for Gaming give a characteristic and exact sound quality that each gamer appreciates. Nobody likes having echoes inside their headphones while gaming, which improves open-back headsets than their shut back partners.

Be it gaming, where the imaging and soundstage can assume a vital part, or studio use, where you need an extremely nonpartisan sonic profile or general use, where a thick low end may be the most wanted quality, the journey is to discover a couple that can mark every one of these containers.

Headphones are presumably quite possibly the regularly utilized things in the studio. They’re a fundamental instrument for evaluating the sound system picture, low-end and fine detail inside a blend. Actually like studio screens, pick the right pair of studio headphones, however it is an extremely close to home decision.

In the event that you need a couple of headphones for use in a studio, tracking down the right alternative for your requirements can assist with hoisting your creation to a higher level. On the off chance that you need something for live studio recording, you’ll need shut back headphones as you can screen the live account without sound spilling into the mouthpiece.

While some remote Best Studio Headphones for Gaming might have low sufficient inactivity for blending and dominating, you’ll need the zero-inertness reaction of wired headphones for recording purposes. The best wired studio headphones regularly have a looped link to give you enough reach to move around your studio.

5 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

Given that all of these are very unique requirements, how can Best Audiophile Headphones for FPS one headphone that fits the bill? That’s exactly what we’ve done.

We have analyzed some of the top headphones from each category that we mentioned and picked the best ones with features that overlap.

1. SENNHEISER HD 800 S Reference Headphone

At the point when we addressed an expert gamer about how the Sennheiser HD800S sounded for gaming, he referenced that it sounded ‘Genuine’. That best summarizes the allure of these amazingly mainstream headphones from the German brand. These are a couple of prosumer headphones with one of the biggest soundstages ever.

The ear cups are planned such that the drivers are situated before your ears (at a reasonable distance) when you wear them. Seeming like a bunch of incredible speakers before you instead of an earphone over your ears.

Normally, huge soundstages and directional prompts don’t blend excessively well. In Best Studio Headphones for Gaming any case, you’ll have the option to check each and every instrument and foley added to the soundtrack with this. Strides, shots, blasts, discoursed, everything kind of jumps out, sounding incredibly clear and fresh.

There’s no sloppiness in the mids, the high pitch doesn’t sound deafening ever and the bass doesn’t overwhelm the rest. There’s sufficient effect on fulfill even the most bass-wanting gamer. However, it sounds such a ton better when contrasted with any of the super-bass headphones of today. Blasts will be felt, however it will not be a jumpy sound, if that bodes well.

The Sennheiser HD800S is additionally perhaps the most comfortable headphones you’ll at any point use. The development is a mix of metal and plastic, and it sits on your head as opposed to cinching it. There’s sufficient cushioning on the aluminum headband to permit long stretches of consistent use.


  • Enormous sound stage
  • Encompass sound with areas that are not difficult to pick
  • Wonderful sound quality
  • Enormous ear cups with a pad and microfiber covering
  • Amazing cinching force for constant use
  • 56mm transducer
  • Drivers situated at a point to impersonate enormous speakers before the ears
  • 10-foot-long copper link enveloped by Kevlar


  • The cost

2. AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear

Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

It has an extremely unbiased sound profile which implies that you will hear precisely the manner in which the soundtrack is planned to be. The headphones don’t add any glow to it, nor raises the bass.

For the individuals who are new to this, AKG is an Austrian brand that is very mainstream among proficient recordists and artists. The K702 is one of their lower-valued contributions that brings studio-quality sound to a purchaser grade item.

The headphones are open-back with an exceptionally wide soundstage. You will feel the air and the space in the track with fantastic enumerating. This will get each small detail and imitate it precisely.

Be it the mids, the high pitch, the bass or the vocals, everything sounds nonpartisan. That is the best method to depict it.

Directional imaging is remarkable when contrasted with any gaudy gaming earphone that you can pick. There’s no 7.1 encompass, which is regularly advertised by makers. In any case, you can stick point the bearings with incredible exactness in FPS games.

Similar to the case with any open-back headphones, there’s tiny commotion retraction. In any case, it sounds so vivid that we question that anything in the environmental factors will upset you.

The development is first class as well. It utilizes the vintage double bar, spring-stacked harp plan with a calfskin band that sits on your head. There’s little as far as cushioning on the band, however you presumably will not see that it’s there. The 3d-froth ear cushions are ideal for the entire day use.


  • Nonpartisan sounding headphones
  • Studio-quality in a buyer item
  • Enormous, roomy soundstage
  • Ideal for directional prompts
  • Astounding enumerating
  • Calfskin headband with 3D-froth ear cups
  • Open-back plan


  • These don’t offer a shaded sound, which is the thing that most gaming headphones do. That is not a con in essence. In any case, a great deal of end clients get baffled when they hear an unbiased sounding earphone.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Truth be told, we needed to remember the DT990 ace for this rundown. These Best Studio Headphones for Gaming are among our #1 Beyers.

Yet, in the wake of picking two open-back headphones, it’s the ideal opportunity for a nearby back one that functions admirably for gaming and studio use. There are not many preferred alternatives over the DT770 expert.

From the start, it looks precisely like the DT990, but with a nearby back plan. The metallic headband, the huge roundabout ear cups with abundant cushioning, there’s nothing extravagant about the DT770.

Regardless, the vocals and sound somewhat far off. However, even that is too small a distinction for most easygoing clients to pay heed.

The soundstage is the best that we’ve found in a nearby back earphone. It Best Retractable Bluetooth Headphones nearly seems like a 7.1 encompass sound even in fundamental sound system mode. Very exact imaging as well. You will have no issues at all getting objects, shots, strides and so forth.

Likewise, there’s tiny spillage both ways except if you need to test your eardrums and wrench up the volume as far as possible up.

Allowed an opportunity, the solitary thing that we’d prefer to change about the DT770 genius is the lasting link that it accompanies. A removable one would have added to the conveyability. In any case, that is only a small objection that the vast majority would disregard.


  • Proficient quality sound
  • Spending plan evaluated earphone
  • Punchy bass, impeccably delivered mids and perfectly clear highs
  • Astoundingly great soundstage and imaging
  • Very little spillage
  • Replaceable velour ear cushions are ideal for long use


  • Forever connected string

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

These headphones need no presentation. They are Audio Technica’s bestselling headphones that keep on ticking on notwithstanding sizeable rivalry from different brands.  The ATH-M50x is basically the ATH-M50 with a couple of restorative redesigns. For the unenlightened, those were Audio Technica’s customer grade studio headphones that turned out to be uncontrollably mainstream.

The clasping force is negligible and notwithstanding looking a bit cumbersome, these headphones just weigh 283 grams, which implies that you can wear these the entire day without feeling any discomfort. It additionally accompanies a separable link.

A nearby back plan guarantees that surrounding aggravation is insignificant assuming any. Sound doesn’t spill in nor does it get out, which is the thing that most gamers like. Going to the sound quality, it is very even. The bass has sufficient punch to intrigue gamers who favor a bassy, blasting sound. Punches, shots, everything jumps out of the soundstage.

The midrange and high pitch is exceptionally definite and clear with positively no sloppiness or bending. Vocals and sound sounds very much layered and is never overwhelmed by different tracks. Regardless of whether you pay attention to music nonchalantly or are a more insightful audiophile, you’ll be intrigued with the sonic equilibrium.


  • Sound Technica’s bestselling headphones
  • Updated plan with thickly-cushioned headband and rich ear cups
  • Removable rope with 3.5mm connector
  • Respectable clamor segregation because of the nearby back plan
  • Exceptionally adjusted sonic profile, loads of detail
  • Punchy bass and clear highs
  • Ear cups turn 90-degrees for capacity


  • Shut, restricted soundstage


The first Hifiman HE400 was one of our number one headphones when it was dispatched. That Best Studio Headphones for Gaming was a very long time back. In any case, there are some truly necessary overhauls. First off, the tempered steel headband has been redone. So have the ear cups which are presently the Focus-A mixture cushions.

These are artificial leather covered with delicate, velour. Long distance race competitions? Don’t worry about it. These are extraordinarily comfortable.

In case this is the first occasion when you are paying attention to a planar attractive earphone, you’d be somewhat astonished at the sound quality. There will be an observable lift in the low end. However, that is the manner by which planar headphones are.

Not that we see such a large number of gamers grumbling. The blasts, bass-substantial sound tracks and shots will truly sparkle. Why you can change it to have a more conspicuous low end with an equalizer it actually will not sound contorted like powerful drivers do.

The high frequencies are similarly acceptable and clean, however the mids sound somewhat weak when contrasted with the other two. Nothing excessively dainty, as you may have guessed. Be that as it may, it’s as yet on the more vulnerable side when contrasted with lows and highs.


  • Planar attractive headphones at a financial plan cost
  • Comfortable treated steel headband with thick cushioning
  • Extravagant ear cups with Focus-A mixture ear cushions
  • Ideal for the entire day utilization
  • A little hefty low and top of the line with nice mids
  • Incredible enumerating
  • Wide solid stage with astounding imaging


  • Absence of commotion disengagement
  • Not a compact plan

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